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Obama: Professor President

January 7, 2009

I just listened to a very well produced radio piece on the academic and intellectual development of Barack Obama. The BBC is running the piece here. It included interviews with Obama’s professors at Harvard, his colleagues at the University of Chicago, and his former students. The piece reminded me of just how impressive Obama is and how one cannot help looking at this man with complete respect. It was highlighted that one of Obama’s biggest assets is his ability to identify with such a wide breadth of the population and academia is one of them. I highly recommend downloading this show and listening to it when you have some time.


Great Day For The USA

November 5, 2008


Yesterday Barack Obama was elected the next president of the USA.  It was a great day and a day that will be remembered.  My faith in this democracy has been restored and I am proud of its citizens.  I am happy the election is over and look forward to returning to normal life.

A General Speaks

October 19, 2008

Well said General Powell:

Dreams From My Father

October 13, 2008

I have been steaming through Obama’s first book, Dreams From My Father. I must admit I am somewhat in awe. Obama has a great life story that he has captured in a beautiful piece of writing. I find it amazing that a man whose father grew up in a farming village in Kenya may be the next president of the United States. I encourage people to read this book, especially if he becomes the next president.

Talk of the Town

October 9, 2008

I just read the “Talk of the Town” in the most recent New Yorker. The article is called The Choice, and lays a very clear argument of what is riding in this presidential election and the reason that Obama should be the next United States President. The article begins by stating:

Never in living memory has an election been more critical than the one fast approaching—that’s the quadrennial cliché, as expected as the balloons and the bombast. And yet when has it ever felt so urgently true? When have so many Americans had so clear a sense that a Presidency has—at the levels of competence, vision, and integrity—undermined the country and its ideals?

This strikes me because in the past I have voted Green because it seemed the right and the left were sometimes hard to tell apart. Now I think differently. The Bush administration has showed the dire effects of an incompetent and arrogant leadership. The New Yorker article goes on to give an excellent overview of why Obama is the man to take the job and McCain is not. I encourage you to take the time to read the article, especially if you are an undecided voter.

Political Junk Food Nation

September 21, 2008

My father directed me to this article, McCain Feeds American People a Junk Food Diet With Palin Choice, in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer which he thought put the current state of the election into perspective. My father, as does the author, believe that McCain’s shockingly irresponsible choice of VP candidate will ultimately backfire on him. Here is what the author, Steven Katz, is referring to as political junk food:

Small-town white-female mayor who bullies librarians and museum directors, lobbies Washington to obtain federal funds and claims that she is against “pork barrel politics,” is elected governor of the state with one of the smallest populations in the country, so small that she can afford to work from home for most of the year and charge the taxpayers for working from home as a “duty-station,” lives closer to the melting Arctic ice caps than any other governor in the country but does not believe in global warming, cracks the whip in dog-sled races and in retaliation towards state officials who she thinks have wronged her family, and turns otherwise right-wing fundamentalist social vices into Republican political virtues.

Katz shames McCain for making this choice and believes a large portion of voters are upset with his choice. His opinion piece shows a strong disgust with McCain’s choice. He rejects the junk food diet the McCain campaign is producing and calls for a more substantive diet; a diet of leadership, statesmanship, understanding and intelligence and he believes, as do I, that Obama and Biden are the team to deliver it.

Biden: Nice Choice

August 24, 2008

I am pretty happy with Obama’s choice for a running mate; Joe Biden. Of course he is a polatrickster like the rest of them, but he seems a little more genuine than others. He’s got the foreign policy experience and talks sense. Check out this CCN interview:

Washington Post has a nice page with different reactions to Biden, from the right and the left. His Wiki page gives some good info. I think his background and life experience speak a lot. I also believe he will be able to lead a good attack on McCain. This is the guy I was hoping Obama would pick.

Campaign Junky

August 1, 2008

I have become a little obsessed with following the presidential campaign. I have been listening to the Washington Post Political Podcast, a free daily political news show with Ed O’keefe, who does his reporting in a 1920s fast pace style. You can find the podcast on Itunes. I have also been reading this Washington Post Campaign Blog.

I was in India during the entire ’04 election and was happy to not be a part of the bombardment of media spouting bullshit on a daily basis, but for some reason I am embracing this race whole heartedly. I think a lot of it has to do with Barak Obama. I am so happy to have a guy who I can truly respect and believe in. I am aware that he a politician and therefor a trickster, but at least he is a trickster that I want to be tricked by. This guy was a constitutional law professor at the University of Chicago. Can you imagine Bush trying to teach constitutional law? This New York Times piece: Teaching Law, Testing Ideas, Obama Stood Slightly Apart, shows what kind of a teacher he was. Don’t neglect the syllabus and exams on the side bar. The article ends with a quote from one of his former students:

So even some former students who are thrilled at Mr. Obama’s success wince when they hear him speaking like the politician he has so fully become.

“When you hear him talking about issues, it’s at a level so much simpler than the one he’s capable of,” Mr. Rodriguez said. “He was a lot more fun to listen to back then.”

Another aspect that excited me about Obama, is an opportunity for the US to gain back a little more respect among the international community. Bush has dropped US standing in the world to an all time low. I still vividly remember a night in Kashmir when an old Muslim Kashmiri man was so sure that Kerry would beat Bush that he was willing to bet me a Kashmiri rug on the outcome of the election. I took him up on the bet, but I still haven’t seen that rug. The international community was so sure that Bush would not be re-elected to a second term and the American population let them down. But now there is a chance to regain some credibility!

I guess I haven’t been posting on this blog as much lately because I have been spending too much time following the election. I am going to try and spend a little less time reading about the latest campaign news and dedicate my next post to William Blake.

Go Obama!

Obama Going Big In Denver

July 7, 2008

I got the e-mail today from the Obama Campaign stating that Obama will make his Acceptance Speech in front of 75,000 at a stadium in Denver and if I contributed before July 31 I might win a trip to the event. I am a little bit annoyed by this e-mail. I will donate when I feel like donating and I would rather not be thrown these stupid incentives.

I think it is a wise move to take the speech to the public and I hope it all goes well. The Washington Post has an article about the decision.

Unity in Unity

June 27, 2008

Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama made their first public appearance together in a town called “Unity” New Hampshire. Pretty cheesy move, but I am sure a well thought out political move. Here is YouTube of the speeches. I just donated to Obama’s campaign. It will be so amazing if he wins. Talk about a breath of fresh air.