This blog focuses on a wide breadth of many interests I have. I lived in India all of 2004 and am very drawn to this culture. I am also interested in global polatics, environmental issues, and local events and culture. I live in Mendocino County in Northern California and work as a social worker. One thing I say about India is that no generalization can be made about the country because the opposite will always also be true, I think the same can be said of this blog.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. David Samnga-Lastri Says:

    I feel drawn to this blog. I also am interested in the religion of India, and have been for a very long time. Contemporary political and social issues mean little to me, because, if Shankara is correct, they are completely unreal and undeserving of serious attention. I wonder what Wolfananda thinks about that.
    Hoping for an answer, or comments from other visitors to this blog, David

  2. Duncan Tucker Says:

    Hi Will – Duncan Tucker here. Your friend Peter via my friend Taras told me I could /should contact you.
    I’m a filmmaker and I’m thinking about a story I want to tell that would be partially set in a town that most likely does not even exist. I’m imagining someplace in Humboldt County, a small town that’s not on any major tourist routes, one where Republican loggers and ranchers mix with Buddhists from a nearby monastery or retreat center, with marijuana growers, with displaced San Franciscan gays and lesbians and local devout Jehovah’s witnesses. I imagine a town that is so small there’s maybe not even a motel or hotel or cabins for rent – just one small clothing optional hot springs that has a campground and a yurt or something like that for people passing thru.
    In other words – I’m looking to set my story in a microcosm of America – right and left wingers, hippies and christianists, nudists, Buddhists, pot smokers, cowboys and the local constabulary – all in a town of a few hundred people.
    I am thinking of making a trip to visit towns that might have something in common with what I’m describing – probably I’d smoosh several towns together into my own made-up place. Hopefully on my trip I’d meet and talk to/interview some interesting and unusual people as research — but don’t know where to begin. I need some leads re: where to visit, who to talk to.
    If you have any thought or ideas I’d love to hear them. Thanks in advance and all best – Duncan

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