Willits Frustrations

Last Friday I was heading to Fort Bragg from Ukiah. I left town around 2:30PM and got to Willits about 3. The traffic was backed way up in town almost to the first traffic light. It took about 20 mins. just to get to the traffic light at Safeway. As the summer travel season picks up this bottle neck will get worse and worse. It’s a real problem. Willits needs a bypass ASAP! Unfortunately it doesn’t seem this is in the works for quite a few years.


One Response to “Willits Frustrations”

  1. Louis Says:

    Dearest Will and Hannah,

    It is with great lamentation and almost inconsolable melancholy that we face tonight’s [December 20, 2009] caroling knowing -all too late- that you will be flying over the Atlantic [or the Pole] as of press time.

    I was brusque and blunt at the Grand High Temple of Godly Consumption last night as we passed by, autos in the light, in the parking lot. If I knew then what I know now, that you’re not to be found in at CasaChez Clair/Ahnstrand, I’d have risked fisticuffs, oratorical abuse, perhaps a bullet, to have shared a few moments of peaceful communion in the midst of the madness. It would’ve been worth it. But alas! It was not to be.

    Enjoy your holidays. Come home quickly and drop a line and come over to break bread, wind, and share some good spirits before you hit the road and head north.



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