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Dare Devil Sea Lion

June 23, 2009

The San Jose Mercury News reports that a baby sea lion made it’s way onto the freeway early yesterday morning. The little guy was found on Interstate 880 in Oakland near the Collisium. I’m sure it will be a morning he remembers.


Interesting Times in Persia

June 16, 2009

Just been reading up a little on the political strife in Iran.  However, I still feel as though I don’t really know what is going on there.  Slate has an interesting piece proclaiming the Obama administration will need to change their stance in response to the rigged election and the brutal reaction to protesters.  The author, Fred Kaplan, writes:

Given the near-certainty that Iran’s election was fixed and the documented fact that protesters are being brutalized, there is no way that Obama or Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could go to Tehran and shake hands with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, much less to expect that any talks would be worthwhile.

The author goes on to discuss the potential outcome of the current unrest. Kamal states that it is likely that the protest will peter out as the government continues to respond with brutality. An interesting point he brings up is that no one really knows who is really controlling Iran. We know there are a group of Clerics who control the country but there has been rumor that there may be disagreement within this core elite. Another point made in the piece is that the country cannot afford to have blatantly corrupt elections and still claim to be a democracy.

One point I still believe there is missing information is the point that the election was rigged. How do we know that a minority of urban youth are not rebelling just because they did not win? The Slate article states that Ahmadinejad’s primary constituents are the rural populations. Maybe these outnumber the urban?

Willits Frustrations

June 8, 2009

Last Friday I was heading to Fort Bragg from Ukiah. I left town around 2:30PM and got to Willits about 3. The traffic was backed way up in town almost to the first traffic light. It took about 20 mins. just to get to the traffic light at Safeway. As the summer travel season picks up this bottle neck will get worse and worse. It’s a real problem. Willits needs a bypass ASAP! Unfortunately it doesn’t seem this is in the works for quite a few years.

20 Years Since Tiananmen Massacre

June 4, 2009

Today is the 20th anniversary of the massacre at Tiananmen Square and the Chinese government has remained silent. I wonder how long it will take before this day becomes an official holiday in China and those who died in their struggle for a democracy are remembered and honored? Will I see it in my life time. I hope so. I have vague memories of when it happened in 1989, I was nine years old. I remember my father looking at the headlines at our local market, Murrishes, and shaking his head. I think he tried to explain some of it to me on the way home. I just started reading a novel by Ha Jin called A Free Life. Coincidentally the novel is set in the early 90s and about Chinese who immigrated to the US to escape being punished in China for their involvement in the movement. Magnum has a good series of photos remembering the movement and this day.