Sex Workers Take the Day Off

In accordance with May Day, the International Day recognizing labor and labor rights, sex workers are taking the day off in India. A writer for writes:

At the infamous and largest ‘red light’ area located in Sonagachi, Kolkata past midnight, about 10,000 people, including social workers, sex workers and politicians, held an eight-kilometre rally in conjunction with Labour Day.

“We are not working today, it’s our right. Sex workers are doing real work, we need some respect and dignity. It is our livehood,” Anisha (not her real name), a sex worker from the red light district, told Bernama in a telephone interview.

I find it very interesting how societies around the world treat prostitution. It seems that it will occur no matter how many restrictions are placed on the profession. It seems the Netherlands has treated the work the most rationally. There it is legal but regulated. They treat soft drugs similarly. In the US we force them onto the streets where they face all kinds of horrors. I wonder if this will ever change? Any thoughts?


9 Responses to “Sex Workers Take the Day Off”

  1. Kym Says:

    I’d love to see changes in the way we here in America treat both prostitution and all kinds of drugs. I agree that no matter how illegal they are, they don’t disappear. So lets regulate and minimize the consequences.

    (I enjoyed looking at your posts about the Mendocino area. I’ll be back!)

  2. Marinkina Says:

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