Live Power Farm

A few days ago Hannah and I went to the general meeting for Live Power Community Farm. Live Power is Community Supported Farm (CSA) in Covelo that grows bio-dynamic food using all animal and solar power and delivers food baskets to town throughout the summer and fall. What is amazing is that their drop off point in Ukiah is right next door to my house. Last summer I enjoyed their fresh produce immensely. The farmers discussed associative economics and how by working in partnership with the farmer the “eater” is practicing a new kind of economic relationship. In an article entitled; Community Supported Agriculture and Associative Economics, Jeff Poppen writes:

People can associate economically in a cooperative manner;
excessive competition between buyers and sellers is not neces-
sary. After the economic turmoil following World War I, Rudolf
Steiner wondered how to set a price value on goods. Nature plus
labor creates goods with a value, such as farming some potatoes.
The true price of the crop is when we receive enough to enable
us to satisfy all our needs until it is time again to produce the
same product, another crop of potatoes.
Ideally, we need to be clear that we don’t get paid for our
labor or the potatoes, but simply to satisfy our needs until there
are more potatoes. When grandpa grows several bushels of pota-
toes for his family, we have an example of associative economics.
The family wouldn’t consider paying him, just as they wouldn’t
consider letting him go without something he needs.
tions as well.

veggiebasket Hannah and I are really getting into the local food movement. The potential seems to be vast.These guys are another farm that is practicing this style of agriculture. You can do a chicken share! Eat healthy, live long!


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2 Responses to “Live Power Farm”

  1. Marty (Dad) Says:

    I think the local food movement is a great idea. It makes economic and ecological sense. There’s an article on it in that British magazine I recommended, Resurgence. But it’s hard for me to see how this movement could ever reach the proportions, in this world of six billion people, to make any real difference. And, of course, there are countless items people buy in the supermarkets that could never be made available locally, items which many people will probably not be willing to sacrifice. These problems, however, should not make any difference: we are to do the right thing as a goal in itself.

  2. Brettkam Says:

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