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Peter Tosh remembered

November 11, 2008

Just been watching some Peter Tosh You Tube videos and listening to some of his LPs. Follow this link for a great performance of Bush Doctor in Holland 1983. His guitar looks like an AK-47. Peter Tosh came up with some great plays on words: Wikipedia has this list:

“America” -> “Asadica”
“Buckingham” -> “Buk-In-Hamm”
“Bureaucrats” -> “Bureaucraps”
“Christopher Columbus” -> “Christ-t’ief Come-rob-us”
“City” -> “Shitty”
“Disc jockey” -> “District johncrow” (johncrow is a Jamaican vulture)
“Germany” -> “Germs-many”
“Judge” -> “Grudge”
“Kingston” -> “Killsome”
“L.A.” -> “Hell A” (Los Angeles)
“Lawyer” -> “Liar”
“LSD” -> “Lucifer Son of Devil” (referred to as the drug of the devil)
“Managers” -> “Damagers”
“Marco Polo” -> “Marc O. Polio”
“New York City” -> “Boo York Shitty”
“Politics” -> “Politricks”
“Prime Ministers” -> “Crime Ministers”
“Situation” -> “Shituation”
“System” -> “Shitstem”
“Technology” -> “Tricknology”
“Trinidad” -> “Trinibad”
“Producer” -> “Reducer”
“Unicycle” -> I’n’I-cycle”

My favorite is Palitricks and Crime Minister. He was a great freedom fighter.


Great Day For The USA

November 5, 2008


Yesterday Barack Obama was elected the next president of the USA.  It was a great day and a day that will be remembered.  My faith in this democracy has been restored and I am proud of its citizens.  I am happy the election is over and look forward to returning to normal life.