Talk of the Town

I just read the “Talk of the Town” in the most recent New Yorker. The article is called The Choice, and lays a very clear argument of what is riding in this presidential election and the reason that Obama should be the next United States President. The article begins by stating:

Never in living memory has an election been more critical than the one fast approaching—that’s the quadrennial cliché, as expected as the balloons and the bombast. And yet when has it ever felt so urgently true? When have so many Americans had so clear a sense that a Presidency has—at the levels of competence, vision, and integrity—undermined the country and its ideals?

This strikes me because in the past I have voted Green because it seemed the right and the left were sometimes hard to tell apart. Now I think differently. The Bush administration has showed the dire effects of an incompetent and arrogant leadership. The New Yorker article goes on to give an excellent overview of why Obama is the man to take the job and McCain is not. I encourage you to take the time to read the article, especially if you are an undecided voter.


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