Election Obsession

Well, I have been wanting to write about a few things but the election has just been consuming my time on the internet. I have been keeping an eye on the Washington Post Political Browser and the Washington Post election blog, The Trail. Also my brother-in-law recently turned me on to this blog that is giving great commentary focusing on the Alaskan political scene with a focus on Gov. Palin.

In other news I have wanted to mention that India has passed a new smoking ban that went into effect on October 2nd. Having spent time in India I find it rather funny that India is trying to enforce smoking bans. Many Indians smoke bedis constantly and I don’t see them stopping in public places. But at least the Ministry of Health is trying to do something about it. Here is an article discussing the ban.

Another current news story I am interested in is the Somali pirates that have hijacked the ship with 32 Ukrainian tanks and additional small arms. Here is an article with the latest from this episode. Apparently they may be close to a deal in which the pirates receive 8 million dollars. It sort of makes me happy that pirates still exist in this modern age.


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