Split on Polar Bears

Governor Palin of Alaska has attempted to sue the Federal Government for putting the polar bear on the endangered species list as “threatened.” Palin is quoted below:

“We are suing the federal government recognizing that the endangered species act is not a place to kinda mess around with in terms of listing a species that right now is very, very healthy. In fact, the number of polar bear has risen dramatically in the last 30 years. Our fear being that the extreme environmentalists will use this tool — the ESA — to curtail or halt North Slope production of very rich resources that America needs. And we need that oil. We need that gas.”

At least Palin doesn’t hold back that her real motive here is energy production. Funny thing is that she and John McCain seem to hold a real difference of opinion on this matter. McCain is quoted below:

“The polar bear is now obviously listed as an endangered species. I think it should have happened long ago. I strongly support it. It is clearly one of the thousands of consequences of climate change. I think that now the first step of listing the polar bear is important. But there’s got to be a lot of work to be done and at the end of the day it will be seriously addressing the issue of climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Hopefully will stop and someday reverse the polar ice cap and the changes that are taking place. They were traditionally for thousands of years the habitat for the polar bear. I’ve been to the Arctic, and I’ve never seen a polar bear, I freely admit, but I certainly observed the affects of climate change whether it be in Svalbard, Norway or whether it be on the Arctic Circle or a native Alaskan village or whether it be. I’m glad that the polar bear’s been — the decision has been made by the administration. Secretary Kempthorne made the announcement, and I support it strongly. I’m sorry it didn’t happen a long time ago.”

Seems the two should hold some high level talks with each other to come to a conclusion on what the real state of the polar bear population is. At least McCain is admitting that climate change is caused by humans. This link has more. This LA Times article has in depth coverage of the Polar Bear listing in May 2008.

CNN has a recent piece on polar bear cannibalism.


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