Political Junk Food Nation

My father directed me to this article, McCain Feeds American People a Junk Food Diet With Palin Choice, in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer which he thought put the current state of the election into perspective. My father, as does the author, believe that McCain’s shockingly irresponsible choice of VP candidate will ultimately backfire on him. Here is what the author, Steven Katz, is referring to as political junk food:

Small-town white-female mayor who bullies librarians and museum directors, lobbies Washington to obtain federal funds and claims that she is against “pork barrel politics,” is elected governor of the state with one of the smallest populations in the country, so small that she can afford to work from home for most of the year and charge the taxpayers for working from home as a “duty-station,” lives closer to the melting Arctic ice caps than any other governor in the country but does not believe in global warming, cracks the whip in dog-sled races and in retaliation towards state officials who she thinks have wronged her family, and turns otherwise right-wing fundamentalist social vices into Republican political virtues.

Katz shames McCain for making this choice and believes a large portion of voters are upset with his choice. His opinion piece shows a strong disgust with McCain’s choice. He rejects the junk food diet the McCain campaign is producing and calls for a more substantive diet; a diet of leadership, statesmanship, understanding and intelligence and he believes, as do I, that Obama and Biden are the team to deliver it.


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