Women Against Palin

My sister asked me to post a link to this blog of a movement of women who are against Sarah Palin.


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2 Responses to “Women Against Palin”

  1. Megan Says:

    In my view, as both a woman and a citizen, the choice of Sarah Palin as candidate for Vice President is anti-feminist. As a woman, I do not blindly support women first. I do not believe any woman will do. I believe that it is the rare individual who can lead this country. I want someone exceptional. I want someone smarter than I am, more judicious than I am, and more knowledgeable. I look forward to the day when that person happens to also be female. Until then, I do not support promoting a woman just because of her gender. For all that Hillary Clinton proved to us this year, the selection of Sarah Palin demonstrates that there are some who know only to respond with tokenism, to continue to look at women as women first and people second. We should all apply the same scrutiny to Sarah Palin that we would any candidate for our highest offices. It is our duty to question her and judge her, not on her parenting or family, but on her intellect, knowledge, experience, and viewpoint. And on these matters, she is not fit for the office of Vice President.
    —Laura C., San Francisco, CA

  2. Alex @ Make Something Happen Says:

    Please point your sister in the direction of this Point campaign that is organizing around a crowd-sourced, swing-state-based, anti-Palin campaign:


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