Biden: Nice Choice

I am pretty happy with Obama’s choice for a running mate; Joe Biden. Of course he is a polatrickster like the rest of them, but he seems a little more genuine than others. He’s got the foreign policy experience and talks sense. Check out this CCN interview:

Washington Post has a nice page with different reactions to Biden, from the right and the left. His Wiki page gives some good info. I think his background and life experience speak a lot. I also believe he will be able to lead a good attack on McCain. This is the guy I was hoping Obama would pick.


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4 Responses to “Biden: Nice Choice”

  1. harddriller Says:

    Im a conservative Republican and I am happy with the choice also,this Democratic ticket is getting more conservative every day.

  2. shankarwolf Says:

    this means you would be happy with a democratic win and actually expect a democratic win??

  3. harddriller Says:

    Sure,If Biden was running for Pres I would vote for him.

  4. shankarwolf Says:

    You think Biden holds the same values as a conservative Republican? Examples?

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