Obama Going Big In Denver

I got the e-mail today from the Obama Campaign stating that Obama will make his Acceptance Speech in front of 75,000 at a stadium in Denver and if I contributed before July 31 I might win a trip to the event. I am a little bit annoyed by this e-mail. I will donate when I feel like donating and I would rather not be thrown these stupid incentives.

I think it is a wise move to take the speech to the public and I hope it all goes well. The Washington Post has an article about the decision.


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2 Responses to “Obama Going Big In Denver”

  1. U. Tom Says:

    You got an email from obama for money and I got blocked from the obama website for daring to have an opposing view. WOW libs sure believe in freedom of speech if you agree. Kind or reminds me of off to the gulag with you in the soviet style. God help us if your tyrant wins. Have a good day you drone.

  2. Louis Says:

    Obama Bumaye!

    He is a true patriot as I am. I feel sorry for those murderous conservatives who want to keep spending on national security and kill more of our soldiers and Iraqi civilians.

    American tax payers’ money spent each day in Iraq : $350 million

    American deaths in Iraq : 4000 and counting

    Iraqi deaths : 100,000 and counting

    If you support this, you’re a nazi

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