Great Victory for The Oaks!

The mega-corporation that goes under the name University of California at Berkeley was defeated today in their mission to clear-cut a beautiful stand of trees on the east side of their campus. Two years ago the University laid out plans to build a sports complex using privately donated money in the place where the trees currently stand. An organized resistance to this action immediately took effect. Activists have been tree sitting for the past 18 months in protest of the University’s plan. After much court room activity, the final decision was made today by Judge Barbara Miller of the Alameda Superior Court. The honorable Judge Miller ruled in favor of the people and the trees and stated that the University would not be allowed to build their play structure. I would like to send out my appreciation to all those who participated in keeping this project from moving forward. This \SF Chronicle article has more. However, Indymedia, reports that the decision may not be the final final verdict because the temporary injunction has been upheld, but the University has not been told that they will definitely not be able to eventually go ahead with their plans. So a win for now.


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