Ukiah in the NY Times

Well, there is only one reason Ukiah and Mendocino County would be mentioned in the NY Times; Ganja. The Times ran a piece today discussing medical marijuana and the recent Measure B on the ballet that decreases the limits one can grow for medical use. We are still waiting for the results. I see two ways of looking at the medical use of marijuana. One is to treat it like we treat any other pharmaceutical and have your doctor prescribe it for a legitimate medical problem and then go to your local pharmacy and give them your prescription and get your recommended dosage, hopefully your medical insurance will cover the costs. The other way to treat the legalization of medical use is to just abuse the hell out it and use it as a step towards the end of this ridiculous prohibition. I see this manner of thinking occurring in Nor Cal. And that is mainly due to the quasi legal nature of growing and the huge amount of money to be made due to the black market element.

Personally I am sort of sick of the whole thing. It is boring to me because I have been around it so long and it demands an exaggerated amount of conversation. The sensationalism of it annoys me too. This is why I have neglected to mention Measure B this long, and I am discussing it now only because it hit the NY Times.

Bob Nishiyama, the major crimes task force commander in Mendocino County, said there were places with 500 plants and 20 Proposition 215 letters tacked to a fence. “And technically, that’s legal because people can have 25 plants,” he said.


One Response to “Ukiah in the NY Times”

  1. writerpro25 Says:

    I think almost any substance can be abused and that it’s ridiculous that marijuana is illegal when it is much less dangerous when it is abused than when alcohol is.

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