Sorry for the Hiatus

I was spending some time in New York City with my fiance. Had a good time. Got a good sense of the city. Have many thoughts but would like to focus on the new Temple between 58th and 59th streets on 5th Ave. in Manhattan. The temple is dedicated to the sacred Apple God and is quite beautiful. People were entering by the tens of thousands to pay their respects to this supreme power. One could sense the elation of the masses by being in the presence of this mighty God. It is nice to see a this strong spiritual practice and right here in Manhattan, no less. This temple is fairly new and pilgrims are coming from all over to join the fervor and worship the benevolent Apple God. The temple is open 24 hours per day and 365 days per year. Here is an image of this beautiful sacred space.

Here is a link to a nice 360 view.


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One Response to “Sorry for the Hiatus”

  1. the bird Says:

    Hey Wolfananda – having just had this religious experience with you – meeting the big Apple in the ‘The Big Apple’, I’ve had some thoughts to follow it and I wanted to respond to your bloggage with them.

    Turning a corner to meet this great glass square reminded me of something, but it wasn’t until I drove back into Scottish bleakness (someone tell this place it’s summer please!) that I realised what…

    Sueno’s stone is a pictish standing stone dating back to the 9th Century, which has now been encased in glass to protect it from the elements, it has images of a battle and piles of the dead on it. I’ve always found the juxtaposition of this ancient monolith and the rather modern glass a little stange, but something that gives a real sense of grandeur spreading across the centuries.

    Applying this to the Apple building, the mammoth company logo, swims in it’s own glass case to protect it from the damaging effects of time, although I doubt it will have the kind of lifespan of Sueno’s stone. I wonder if the creators of this structure had any of these ideas in mind though – there is certianly something monumental about it… I think they may be kididng themselves, or am I the one whose being kidded to underestimate their power?

    This train of thought also led me to another image – from ‘Space Odyssey 2001’ and the great monolith that mystifies the early man at the beginning of the film, but acts as a catalyst for development and intelligent action….

    Something in the Apple building suggests this too – might it stimulate a great leap forward in human development? Or are they supposing that the very development of the I-Pod marks such a leap forward? Anyway I’m clearly thinking too much about this – probably been stimulated by the apple monolith – thank goodness all this green and pleasant land around me will bring me back to slow thought any second.

    Regardless of this ominous transparent cube looming in the capital of the world – I also noticed a number of sneaky churches creeping around the feet of the financial pillars that hold up the sky in Manhatten. I think they may be planning to gang up on the Apple and then we’ll see a showdown…

    Anyway enough, enough of this. I loved the trip to NYC with you, but I did have a nightmare last night that I got trapped in a skyscraper and couldn’t get the lift to the ground floor just kept going higher and higher… I like my feet rooted firmly in the soil

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