E-mail from a Bird

Just recieved the below message from my special lady friend in Scottland. It seems the Atheism cult is growing.

Hey Wolf – hope I might get chance to speak with you again today… but this is the brief comment that I mentioned to you yesterday in the great dawkins debate – comment made by catholic cardinal from UK in series of lectures about ‘Faith in Britain’

This is one of the reasons why, for this lecture series, I wanted this Cathedral to be a place for people to listen to matters pertaining to religion in the secular society in which we live here in Britain. I wanted religion to be seen to be open to the questions of those who do not believe; those who call themselves agnostic or atheistic. As always, the interesting question about atheism is ‘what is the theism that is being denied?’ Have you ever met anyone who believes what Richard Dawkins doesn’t believe in? I usually find that the God that is being rejected by such people is a God I don’t believe in either. I simply don’t recognise my faith in what is presented by these critics as Christian faith.

I haven’t read the whole thing, although strangely enough I found it on the dawkins website with the usual deconstruction in comments from the dawkinists baying for blood and chuckling away smugly – any day now they will suddenly decide that Dawkins in their god and start making shrines to him!


Expecting comment from B.S.


5 Responses to “E-mail from a Bird”

  1. kaivalya Says:

    … strangely enough I found it on the dawkins website with the usual deconstruction in comments from the dawkinists baying for blood and chuckling away smugly – any day now they will suddenly decide that Dawkins in their god and start making shrines to him!

    eh, that seems to be a bit of an oversimplification. Yes, there are Atheist Fundamentalists because humans can simply be fundamentalist at times – but Dawkins himself does not command that of people. I try to be weary about generalizing any system of belief as there are many many people out there with a variety of thoughts – some just seem to be louder than others.

    Additionally, Atheism by definition can’t be much of a cult considering it’s defined by a negative – one is atheist by what they don’t believe in. However there are cults devoted to the Flying Spaghetti Monster, a half-yeti man named “Bob” and the Pink Flying Unicorn. Now THAT’S my kinda cult…

  2. B.S. Says:

    Okay, here goes.
    I read the Cardinal’s speech/lecture on the Dawkins site, along with some of the comments. I am not a Dawkinsite. I have not read much, if any of him. I am not particularly familiar with his philosophy, but here are my thoughts on the matter. I must agree that what the cardinal said seemed to boil down to “I believe because I believe, and when I don’t understand I have faith, and atheists do not understand”
    I am an atheist. I have talked to many christians, and it seems to me that the fundimental base of christianity is that there is a God, and Jesus is the son of god who died for out sins. I do not believe in this. I am not particularly hostile to the idea, but it is simply something that I do not believe. This doesn’t make me an atheist, it just makes me not a christian. On a more fundemnental level I do not believe in a creator. I do not believe that there is an overriding purpose to the universe. No god. simple. Does this mean that I can explain everything? Of course not. Many discussions I’ve had come down to this point. When I can’t explain something, the religious person I am talking to will say that is God. God becomes the answer to the un-answserable questions. Just because I don’t have an answer, doesn’t mean that a) I need an answer or b) God is an answer. Often, discussions come to down to definitions of what we mean by god, and this is where things generally break down.
    From reading the comments on the Dawkins site, it seems to me (and this is just a snap judgement based on insufficient information, but hey what’s the internet for?) that they are not som much atheists as they are antitheists. Atheism for me is just part of my feeling and thoughts on how the universe works. I don’t like it being referred to as a cult. The Dawkins people may be atheists, but they also are highly hostile towards religion, and have made a cult out of attacking it, trying to poke holes it, etc. This to me does not do anything. Poking holes and finding inconsisties with other peoples philisophy does not make yours correct. It is a natural thing sometimes, when you feel outnumbered and and attacked, but it does not really achieve much.
    Many atheists seem to have it out for religion, and there attacks are way off mark. They attack inconsisties and hypocracies. While these will often exist, especially in the western, Judeo-Christian-Muslim monotheisms, they are off mark. The holy books are more than a sum of their individual parts, and attacking them does not really attack the existence of a god, merely shows the imperfection of people, and there beliefs.
    To repeat myself, a little, the theism, I deny is the existence of a god or creator. I’m sure I have more to say on the topic, but I’m out of steam for the moment.

  3. shankarwolf Says:

    Thanks for your reflection B.S. Your points are well taken. I guess the question remains how we conceive the unexplainable. If there is no creator, where did creation come from?

  4. Wolfganga Says:

    God is like a bad word, or like an imaginary friend. You either feel like someone is inappropriate or a little schizophrenic when they mention God. I like how characters in Star Wars refer to the divine, “may the force be with you.” It is not a sentient entity, nor does it revolve around concepts of morality. Anyone can channel the energies of the force with good or bad intentions.

    I wonder if this concept of god will change to something similar to Star wars in the future. I don’t think that the god concept could ever just disappear completely …. wiped away from human consciousness. No. It will always permeate the minds of many, dare I say, most people on this planet. Uneducated masses? I suppose, but there is still a logic and order to this believe that has an uplifting message that is an artistic way of understanding the universe.

    In the scale of time, the challenge of science to the divine only came about quite recently. And when man gets tired of the back and forth debate between athiests and believers, maybe some sort of compromise will emerge. Doctors and researchers will begin to adopt something more holistic. Holy men will finally accept that the world is round….

  5. shankarwolf Says:

    Nice thoughts Wolfganga. reminds me of a quote I once heard, “It is no longer acceptable to discuss God in polite society.”

    May the FORCE Be With You

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