2nd District County Supervisor Election

I have been trying to gather information about the candidates running for the 2nd district supervisor here in Mendocino County. The incumbent, Jim Wattenburger, has decided to not run for re-election, I guess he feels the public has seen his work as unacceptable and he does not have the votes to remain in office.

Those running for the position are: Estelle Palley Clifton, Jim Mulheren, Ross Mayfield Jr., and John McCowen. This page has a brief overview.

Palley Clifton is running as a forester and has a strong natural resources background. A quick look tells me that Palley Clifton is too young for the job and does not have the experience necessary for this powerful county position (I know, people said the same thing about Barak Obama, and look how far he has gotten). It is nice to see a young ambitious woman who has the guts to make the attempt to secure this position, but I believe her 26 years on this Earth is not quite enough to have the life experience that makes a quality county supervisor.

Mulheren is running on a very pro-corporate/pro-big business platform and would like to see Target and Costco in Ukiah. Mulheren points to the large amount of money being spent by Mencocino County residents in Santa Rosa. He would like to bring that spending to Ukiah by bringing the shopping options to Ukiah.

Mayfield Jr. has been a life-long community member and business man. He has been a contractor for twenty-five years. It seems he is interested in Native issues, and I believe he is Native American himself. Mayfield Jr. may make a great supervisor but my concern is his electability. I don’t believe he has the name recognition of other candidates, but if he continues to run a good campaign he may make some significant progress in getting the votes on June 3.

McCowen seems to have the most support and the most likely winner. McCowen is running on his experience sitting on the Ukiah city counsel and long time business owner. From what I can see on the west side he has the most lawn signs. McCowen has been active in deciding what will happen with the Masonite site and is working on the tax sharing plan between the city and the county.

I do believe there is much more potential for change in local politics and democracy is at its best at the most local level. However, I know the budget right now is dismal, which is going to make creativity an essential quality in the next county supervisor.


2 Responses to “2nd District County Supervisor Election”

  1. Estelle P. Clifton Says:

    Please give my candidacy more than a quick look. To learn more about my platform and experience visit estelle08.com or call me any time (707) 272-5521. If governmental experience is all that it takes then why are we in our current local, state, and national situation? Hands-on-experience is extremely valuable.

    Respecctfully, Estelle

    P.S. My age is 30

  2. shankarwolf Says:

    Thanks for the reply Estelle. I will try and get another post up with more info as we draw closer to the general election. Recently, you came to my door on your campaign drive. You told me you are not endorsing Obama and are instead supporting an Independent candidate. I was sorry to hear this. While I understand the rational of voting for a candidate who you believe represents and reflects your views more fully, I feel that Obama’s election would be a major revolutionary change in American history and that by supporting a third candidate you will slow the momentum of this revolutionary change.

    I am sorry for publishing your age incorrectly.

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