The Age of Kali Shines in Iraq

On this 5 year anniversary of the war in Iraq I must send out the word: Kali.

5 years ago my friends and I took our bikes from Berkeley on BART over to downtown San Francisco. We came up out of the station onto the normally busy financial disrtict streets and all was dead quiet. We rode around and found roving bands of protesters throughout the downtown area. The law enforcement were out in big numbers beating down people who approached their walls of shields and sticks. The city was effectively shut down. We didn’t want this war, we didn’t want this death, these families and homes destroyed, but what can you do in the Age of Kali!

Kali Yuga is the darkest moment in the history of mankind. The materialistic tendencies dominating the mankind… The inner value lost completely… it is the day of the jackals when the incompetent rule the system!

This is the period in the history of mankind when the power is commanded by the unworthiest of the flock. Justice nowhere to be found… Law and order takes a back footing!


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