White People Blog

I just had to make a link to this blog, stuff white people like.  The generalizations are so spot on it is scary. It is interesting to see this kind of racial stereotyping used against “white people.” This racism is only acceptable because white people hold power and therefore it is not being used to oppress. I find it rather funny how accuratly these guys see through “white culture” and capture a certain segement of the American White Population. What do you think of this blog?


2 Responses to “White People Blog”

  1. Immaculate Conception Says:

    I LOVE the white people blog. It’s hilarious. Do you know if the authors are white? I must assume that they’re either white or immersed in white culture, because they’re right on.

  2. shankarwolf Says:

    Yes, IM, it is pretty funny. I am not sure if the authors are white. Do you think it would be funny if it was written about Chinese people of Black people?

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