Hindu Mantras Blessing US Politricksters

A “Hindu Chaplain” (as referred to on his wikipedia page) Rajan Zed, has somehow been able to make his mark by providing state legislative bodies with the “historic” opportunity to open their sessions with an ancient Sandskrit Hindu Mantra. Zed has opened the US Senate and a number of state senates and assemblies with recitations of Hindu mantras from the Rig Veda, Upanishads, and Bhagavad Gita. Pretty cool stuff. Here is what an article in News Blaze writes describing how Zed plans to address the Oregon State House of Representatives on February 26th:

Reading from Brahadaranyakopanishad, Rajan Zed plans to say “Asato ma sad gamaya, Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya, Mrtyor mamrtam gamaya”, which roughly translates as “Lead us from the unreal to the Real, from darkness to Light, and from death to Immortality.” Reciting from Bhagavad-Gita, he proposes to urge State Representatives to keep the welfare of others always in mind.  

I wonder how many Oregon legislators will really take the sacred words to heart?  Here is another article about him addressing the Utah State government.


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