Food Prices Sky Rocketing

My sister has been drawing my attention to the rising costs of food. She showed me this letter that was posted in Schat’s a few weeks ago:

Dear Valued Shat’s Customer:

Some of you have noticed small price increases on most baked items. I just wanted to share a little information with you to explain the increase. We are not raising prices to make more money or to gouge the customer. We are only raising prices in an attempt to stay even with huge price increases we are seeing in our produce costs. Here are some examples:

50# organic wheat flour January 2007 = $16.50
50# organic wheat flour January 2008 = $30.00  Up 85%

Egg prices in January 2007 = $1.13 dz.
Egg prices in January 2008 = $1.91 dz. Up 69%

Bulk cheese prices in January 2007 = $1.85 lb.
Bulk cheese prices in January 2008 = 2.76 lb. up 35%

Walnut prices in January 2007 = $2.25 lb.
Walnut prices in January 2008 = $6.50 lb. Up 190%

All indications are that we will be seeing more price increases throughout 2008. My only hope is that we start to see some stabilization in the world market.

I apologize to you for these price increases. We will be actively looking at locally produced items in hope of bettering our local economy. It seems very apparent that our US economic wheel is broken.

Thank you for your business. We really appreciate you.


Zachary Y. Schat  

This is a sad state of affairs when working middle class families are struggling to put food on the table.


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