Kidney Robbery in the Holy Land

Just read this article reporting on the bust of a Kidney transplant racket in India.  It is quite unbelievable that doctors are willing to actually remove body parts from poor dis-empowered citizens and sell them on the open market.  The article states that;

At least five foreigners — two U.S. and three Greek citizens — were found in a luxury guesthouse operated by the doctor running the racket, Lal was quoted as saying by local media.  

The article goes on to report the more gruesome side of the operation:

Suspicious neighbours said they had noticed blood running out of the house’s gutters, as well as blood-soaked bandages and even bits of flesh thrown into an open plot near the house.  

This is called transplant tourism and has been happening for some time. It is a sad state of affairs when poor people are being forced to give up their own body parts to feed their families.
This blog has more.


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