Big Win In The The War on Plastic Bags


I find this to be a very interesting issue. China is going to tax use of plastic bags starting June 1 2008. China is estimated to use 3 billion plastic bags per day. The Guardian has a very good article on this issue. Meanwhile Mendocino County is working on a ban of plastic bags. Thus far the three major cities in the county, Ukiah, Willits, and Fort Bragg, have banned plastic bags and we are now waiting on the county to make a move. San Francisco has banned use of plastic bags in supermarkets and Oakland is soon to follow suit. Bangladesh has put a ban on this invasive species along with a number of other countries. In India, plastic bags and the little plastic packages that the very popular chewing tobacco comes in, are the most prevalant litter everywhere. After floods the trees along the river are covered in brightly colored plastic bags. Plastic bags are a serious environmental threat to the planet and are a major problem in the long term. In the very short term, like the from the store to your house, they are convenient. However, the long term effects on the planet far out weigh this small convenience. Australia is looking at a ban. I love how this is a issue at the global level and the local level. People all over the world are begining to realize plastic bags are a serious problem and the easy solution is to just stop using them, tax them or put an outright ban on their use. It seems so obvious that plastic bags should be banned, but capitalism works on a very short term look at the world and fails to consider long term effects. Did you know that all the plastic that has ever been produced still exists?!!


4 Responses to “Big Win In The The War on Plastic Bags”

  1. Megan Says:

    You should do a post on the incredible rising cost of food. It’s OUTRAGEOUS. And all because of CORN.

  2. shankarwolf Says:

    Thanks for the totally unrelated comment Megan.

  3. Nick K Says:

    Plus I saw that Los Angeles is trying to get a ban approved… Talk about a big impact (well not as big as China).

  4. shankarwolf Says:

    Hey Nick, that’s good news about LA. This global move away from plastic bags is really refreshing.

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