Krakauer and Mormanism

I am currently in the midst of Under the Banner of Heaven, a book my Jon Krakauer discussing the Mormonism and fundamentalist Mormonism in particular. KrakauerI am finding it quite fascinating. Because one of the potential presidents of the United States is a Mormon I thought I should read this book to get a better understanding of the faith. However, this is probably the wrong book to read because it is really a look into fundamentalism and the practice of polygamy, in particular. But it is still fascinating. One of the fundamentalist leaders, Warren Jeffs (photo below), was just convicted of accomplice to rape of a 14 year old girl, last September. Here is a news source. Some really sick stuff. Jeffs is discussed in detail in Krakauer’s book.

I am also interested in Krakauer himself. He is a mountaineer, which makes the subject matter of his other well-known books, Into the Wild and Into Thin Air, understandable. But, what inspired him to write about Mormons and to focus on their history of polygamy? I have read that he is heavily immersed in a new book, but the subject matter is secret. I’m wondering what it will be.



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