Lately I have gotten interested in this renegade artist, “Banksy.” He is a graffiti artist from England who understands the sickness of our culture and uses very intelligent images to visualize this sickness. He has managed to remain completely anonymous even though he has become famous. He is now selling his work for big money. However, I don’t think he has “sold out” and forgotten what he is all about. He has done some great pranks that are up on his website. Here is a taste of his stuff.



One Response to “Banksy”

  1. Banksy Freak Says:

    Banksy Print – Di-faced Ten Pound Notes

    Hi All!

    I have decided to sell some of my Banksy collection – These are Di-Faced Tenners.

    They are in absolutely perfect condition (mint) and they have been stored in an acid free folder in my smoke free home.

    I have uploaded photos here :

    There is also a video here on Youtube.

    The video quality is no the best. Please see the photos for better detail.

    Feel free to email me – banksyfreak at gmail dot com

    I ship with FedEx worldwide.

    Payment accepted via PayPal =)

    Thanks for your time !

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