Drug Ball & Drugfree Ball

Just been reading a little about the Mitchell Report, which came out last week. In this report it was divulged that there has been widespread steroid use in Major League Baseball for a long time. I just read an article on Slate asking why this steroid use wasn’t mention in the book, Moneyball. The article also discussed the abundance of steroid use among the Oakland A’s and referred to the Oakland locker room as, “an open air drug market.” I have been a supporter of the A’s for a long time and I find it sad and funny that there has been so much enhancement drug use, not just on the A’s, but in all of baseball.

Hannah says that there should be two leagues, one that allows steroid use, and one that doesn’t. I said well players would probably be using drugs in the anti-drug league. Then we decided there should be three leagues, one for steroid users, one for absolutely no steroid use, and one where the fans guess and bet weather a player is using or not! See ya at the ballgame!


One Response to “Drug Ball & Drugfree Ball”

  1. Megan Says:

    I like the multiple league idea!

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