Our own Development Battle

After the announcement of Trump’s defeat in Aberdeenshire I thought I might write about our own little battle against big corporate development here in the Ukiah Valley. The future of the area of land where the old masonite factory was is currently under close scrutiny. The land has been bought by a company from Ohio that specializes in developing large strip mall style shopping centers. However, this land is currently zoned for industrial use and the County Council needs to change the zoning to commercial use for the company to build the shopping center.

This has become quite political with talk of different county council members receiving funds from the developers. The Ukiah Valley Smart Growth Coalition is a loose group of concerned residents who are interested in more local control of development in the Ukiah Valley. They have announced a competition to help find the best industrial use idea for the former masonite property. There are a bunch of awesome prizes!

If Aberdeenshire can defeat Mr. Trump than surly we can defeat this Ohio based developers. But the County Council needs to hear your voice. There is an open letter to Jim Wattenberger on the Smart Growth website. I encourage people to sign it.



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