Trump Defeated

Donald Trump’s plans to build a massive billion dollar golf course development in the north east of Scotland has been shot down by the local county council. My girlfriend lives near the proposed site and is very happy about this news. She had thought, and many others, that Mr. Trump would have no problems getting permission to go forward with his big plans. An article in The Independent sums it up nicely by pointing out how Mr. Trump’s team used “moral blackmail” to attempt to get their project approved. It is also pointed out that…

it would be a “grotesque mistake” to grant the application without any compromise over the location, which Mr Trump’s team had made clear was “non-negotiable”.

I am happy to see local politicians standing up to the powers of Trump Tower. I wish more small local governments could stand up to corporate powers in this fashion. It will be interesting to see where this goes.


4 Responses to “Trump Defeated”

  1. Aberdeen Appreciation Society Says:

    Despite this decision, Trump could still appeal to the Scottish Government who may be sympathetic to his plans:

    However, I don’t know how easy it would be for the Scottish Parliament to overrule Aberdeenshire Council on this – IF they were to stick to their decision…but already the councillors are now having an “emergency meeting” about it, ‘cos the public are said to be dismayed, even going so far as to assault one of the Cllrs who rejected the proposal!

    So there is still a chance that Balmedie may still be turned into Trump’s “Golfworld” after all.

    Incidentally, I was in Aberdeen today and overheard two businessmen talking about how the Cllr with the deciding vote had also rejected the city bypass plans etc, and they seemed to be of the opinion that this rejection could hurt Aberdeen in future i.e. that the message being given out by the Council’s decision is “If you want to do business – DON’T do it in the North East of Scotland”, which I think is a fair point, even though I don’t personally agree with Trump’s plans for beautiful Balmedie.

  2. shankarwolf Says:

    Thank you for giving this update on the situation. It will be interesting to see how this proposal plays out. Please feel free to update this post when new events related to this issue take place.

  3. Aberdeen Appreciation Society Says:

    Donald Trump’s Balmedie Golfworld is now likely now to go ahead, as things here in Scotland have decended into farce since the initial decision by the planning committee:

    The Scottish Government, in an unpresedented move, have now decided to intervene to supercede the Council’s original decision, citing that Donald Trump’s plans are of “national interest”.

    I said in my earlier post that I didn’t think it would be easy for the government to do this if Aberdeenshire Council stuck together, and stuck by their original decision. They haven’t.

    Martin Ford (the Councillor who headed up the Council Committee who made the decision to reject Trump’s proposal) has now been fired from their Planning Committee

    Aberdeenshire Council have since decided that they now agree with Trump’s proposal. They are also re-writing their Planning Committee rules so that the whole Council (not just the planning committee) will have a vote in future decisions of this magnitude.

    However, it is now up to the Scottish Government to make a decision on this particular case, so it is out of the Council’s hands now whether they’ve changed their minds or not. Environmental groups will now have to lobby at national level to prevent Trump’s plans from going ahead, and it seems unlikely that the Government will reject Trump’s plans after all this furore following the initial rejection of plans, but there may be scope to force Trump to make concessions (or at least do more than pay lipservice) to environmental groups, regarding the Menie estate at Balmedie.

    I guess what this shows is how incredibly difficult it is for local people and politicians to stand up to big business. Rules are followed, but when big money is at stake, these rules either no longer apply, are bended or changed altogether. Whether you agree or disagree with Trump’s plans, nobody here can deny that the whole thing has turned into a big mess that makes Scotland look either disorganised, provincial or greedy.

  4. shankarwolf Says:

    Thank you for the update. You are a very thoughtful person. It is unfortunate the way this has turned around, but not surprising. The revolution will not be televised!

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