Angelo Reserve

Today, on our way back from camping on the coast, Hannah and I decided to take the Branscomb Road which runs from Westport to Laytonville. About 10 miles from the coast there was a turnoff to the right called Wilderness Road. I had vague memories of a UC Berkeley Nature Reserve being somewhere out in this direction. I once attended a class in which the guest lecturer did research on the headwaters of the South Fork of the Eel river. After heading out this road for a few miles we were about to turn around when we arrived at the Heath and Marjorie Angelo Coast Range Reserve. It proved to be a big beautiful piece of land open to the public for day use. We took a great walk along the river and then explored the old Angelo Homestead which still stands. This reserve has a very interesting history and was actually the first land purchased by the Nature Conservancy. If anyone has a day to go hike and explore some beautiful untouched land I strongly recommend this place. When we got back to the truck we met Peter Steel who is the Reserve Manager. Peter is the grandson of Heath and Marjorie Angelo and has been living on the reserve for more than 20 years.


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