Birth Control for Men?

My buddy, WolfGang Wolf, just informed me of this interesting process:

Dr. Voegel from Switzerland
found that higher temperatures could be intentionally used to create
temporary male sterilization. Dr. Voegel found that immersing the
testes only in a 116°F bath for 45 minutes daily for three weeks would
result in temporary sterility for six months.

According to Dr. David Williams Alternatives newsletter October 2002,
during the 1930’s through the 1950’s Dr. Voegel “taught hundreds of
men this procedure to help them keep from getting their wives
pregnant…During the 20 years he practiced this technique, he found
no adverse effects. Some individuals were able to sustain temperatures
as high as 125 degrees F, but 116 degrees F was comfortable enough to
be tolerated by everyone, and it reliably kept the men infertile for
six months. After the six months, their fertility would either
gradually return to normal, or they could repeat the process for
another six months of protection. In the mid-1950’s, the Japanese
government expressed an interest in Dr. Voegel’s work, and after
careful studies and evaluations of their own, they found the technique
to be very effective…This may sound like a lot of trouble or
inconvenience, but it’s another one of these low-tech tools that costs
little, works, and can be used anywhere by anyone.”

Whose ready to give it a go?


3 Responses to “Birth Control for Men?”

  1. Eric Kirk Says:

    Um. I think I’ll stick to the more proven methods.

    It also used to be rumored that women could avoid pregnancy by jumping up and down after the act.

  2. boymstlikely2 Says:

    It also used to be rumored that women could avoid pregnancy by jumping up and down after the act.

    My brother now has five kids, all this after, as I recall they were content with two. Apparently his wife did not jump up and down correctly.

    great comment Eric!!!


  3. shankarwolf Says:

    So that’s why my girlfriend always does jumping jacks after making whoopy! I guess if I continue to put my balls in boiling water after the act we are super safe!

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