Burn baby Burn

The man who was accused of setting the Man on fire at Burning Man 4 days before the traditionally scheduled burn has been arrested on charges of attempting to burn down Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. This article in the SF Chronicle does not give any explanation for his supposed plan to burn down the church but it does give some nice quotes on why he set fire to the Man early. He states:

This was not an act of vengeance, it was one of love, a love of the ethos that is fading at Burning Man. There’s no sense of spontaneity. No sense of ‘F- it. Let’s burn this down.

He also states that Burning Man has become a “suburban” event. When I heard about this guy setting fire to the Man early I thought it was really funny and exactly what Burning Man needed. But this thing with the Church is strange. I am waiting to see if more information is revealed.


One Response to “Burn baby Burn”

  1. Peter Rabit Says:

    When I was there another year, this guy I met who was all into hindusim was caught by some narcs for being generous with his hash candies. He said the narcs were dressed like a goth couple and blended pretty well. He said he tried to have a conversation with the arresting officer about spirituality, but the cop couldn’t even pronounce that word. This “MAN” arson has a point in comparing it to the suburbs. What may have started out of spontaneity and the lust for breaking from the mold, has transformed into traditionalism even in its allure of bright flashy colors….. Las Vegas comes to mind.

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