Censorship and the FCC

My brother has published his latest intervention here. His topic is censorship and the FCC. Here is a taste of the article:

In other words, the principal effect of FCC policy is to reinforce the bifurcation of media markets along class lines, rendering “quality” programming inaccessible for the poor and expensive for the affluent. Furthermore, FCC policy stifles the creativity — and threatens the very viability — of independent radio and television stations that can’t afford to pay the fines. In the end, FCC policy on indecency simply further enables corporate consolidation of media outlets and standardization of content.

My brother is currently working on a book discussing obscenity and literature. Personally, I love the radio medium of communication and as I type this I am listening to a very interesting show on KZYX. Radio is the cheapest way to engage in mass communication and is used extensively all over the world. In India the radio is the primary method of getting the news after the newspaper. To see such a small narrow-minded organization like the FCC contain these stringent rules on what can be said is shameful.

It seems the leader of the FCC is trying to increase his power to control content by increased consolidation, see this article in The Nation.


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