Ram Tzu

Ram Tzu has some questions for you…
Just who do you think you are?
Are you other than God?
Are you separate from Me?

If so…
What are you made of?
Where did it come from?

Don’t look to science to help you.
The physicists have all become mystics.
They’re of no more use to you than is Ram Tzu.

If you’re really clever you’ll turn around
And walk away
Hang around here and you’re liable to lose
Everything you hold dear.

Go back to your church, your temple,
Your therapist, your drug dealer, your ashram.
There you may find a moments peace.
You found it there once.
Here is only emptiness for you.
You’ll find no food for your ego here.

What if your precious sense of self
Were to shrivel up and die?
Where would you be then?
What would happen?

Best not to risk it

Last week a guy in a sushi resteraunt showed me a copy of No Way by Ram Tzu. This is a book of short poem like the one above. They are all non-dualist in their message. Destroy the self to find the Self!


2 Responses to “Ram Tzu”

  1. David Samnga-Lastri Says:

    I didn’t really like this poem. And not only because his remark about the physicists is baloney — they have not all become mystics, not by a long shot — but because the voice is, in my opinion, ugly and self-centered, just what he is trying to pull people away from. I think he’s one of those phoneys who have read all about non-dualism, and understood it intellectually, but haven’t felt at all the core of it. He is a long way from being the kind of voice and sensibility generated by genuine non-dualist direct experience. But he’s on the way!

  2. shankarwolf Says:

    Mr. Samga-Lastri, Your point is well taken, I find myself drawn to the bluntness of Ram Tzu but sense that there is something missing. What I have a hard time is differentiating understanding something intellectually but not feeling it at the core. I understand how this is possible but it seems ironic that someone who speaks of “food for the ego” is self-centered.

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