A Note On Hindu Time

At the beginning of Ramesh Menon’s translation of The Ramayana he includes this note:

Three hundred sixty-five human years make one year of the Devas and Pitrs, the Gods and the manes.
Four are the ages in the land of Bharata – the krita, the treta, the dwarpa, and the kali. The krita yuga lasts 4,800 divine years, the treta 3,600 years the dwarpa 2,400 and the kali 1,200; and then another krita yuga begins.
The krita or satya yugas the age of purity; it is sinless. Dharma, righteousness, is perfect and walks on the four feet in the krita. But in the treta yuga, adharma, evil, enters the world and the very fabric of time begins to decay. Finally, the kali yuga, the fourth age, is almost entirely corrupt, with dharma barely surviving, hobbling on one foot.
A chaturyuga, a cycle of four ages, is twelve thousand divine years, of 365 times 12,000 human years long. Seventy-one chaturyugas make a manvantara; fourteen manvantaras, a kalpa. A kalpa of a thousand chaturyugas, twelve million divine years, is one day of Brahma, the Creator.
Eight thousand Brahma years make one Brahma yuga; a thousand Brahma yugas make a savana; and Brahma’s life is 3,003 savanas long.
One day of Mahavishnu is the lifetime of Brahma.

This understanding of time and the Universe seems to suit me.


3 Responses to “A Note On Hindu Time”

  1. Noah Wolfgang Says:

    After a little exploration of this passage, I decided to further put it into perspective…. to appease the western mind of its need for calculations and science….

    1 year = divine day
    365 years = 1 divine year

    200,000 years ago = existence of modern humans

    1,572,000 years = Krita (satya yuga)
    1,314,000 years = treta yuga
    876,000 years = Dwapara yuga
    438,000 years = Kali yuga

    2 million years ago = diffusion of homo erectus in Eurasia

    4.38 million years = Chaturyuga (a cycle of 4 yugas)

    145-65 million years ago = cretaceous age
    199-145 million years ago = jurassic age
    250-199 million years ago = triassic age

    4.38 billion years = 1 Brahma day

    13.7 billion years ago = Scientific big bang

    1.6 trillion years = 1 Brahma year
    1.28×10^16 years = 1 Brahma yuga
    3.84×10^22 years = 1 life of Brahma= 1 day of Mahavishnu

  2. shankarwolf Says:

    Noah Wolfgang; you should try not to submit to the Western mind’s desperate need to quantify everything into numbers which we pretend we can comprehend. The Universe is eternal and our minds can only fathom its greatness when we are in a state of unity. We can only say what this state of being is not, we cannot say what it is.

  3. David Samnga-Lastri Says:

    There is no such thing as time. Got that, you dudes? No such thing as time. There’s only an eternal now. Everything is simultaneous. As Rene Guenon remarked, and I paraphrase, “If you don’t know and see that everything is simultaneous, you’re still in the bush leagues!”

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