Hot Spring Junkies

My friend Noah and I are going to find a remote hot spring tomorrow using my GPS. This is something we have been doing together for years and it’s always worth the efforts when you eventually find the spring. Natural hot springs are an incredible gift and every one has its own story.
Antelope Hot Springs
Noah just told me about a Native American tribe that would soak in certain hot springs and get absorbed into a spiritual existence. has the coordinates of every hot spring in the country. A great resource.


Addendum: We found the hot spring, but it was only a trickle and the pool had not been maintained. It is a beautiful spot deep in the Mendocino National Forest. The photo is of a swimming hole right at the spring. Unfortunately, the area is on private property and some asshole has put up lots of signs saying “Spring closed, thank you for Not Trespassing” and “Enter at your own risk” We found a huge junk pile up in the woods above the spring.


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  1. hannah the bird Says:

    I don’t know what to say – I’ve had to keep returning to this posting… ummm…. because the Californian scenery is so beautiful! Hope the trip was a good’un

    I’m not at all jealous – we’ve got peerless blue skies and tonight the sound of migrating geese ringing through the stars and a grand fire to keep warm by

  2. bangedupshins Says:

    Looks like Crabtree Hot Springs. There has been a lot of bad feelings over the ‘adverse possession’ that seems to have affected these hot springs. One side of the river is national forest, while the other side is private property. However, the spring source is within the high-water mark of the river . . . therefore public land and not private. Unfortunately, the land-owner would have you believe otherwise.

  3. shankarwolf Says:

    Thanks for the info Nude Hiker. It is Crabtree and we were a little dissapointed. The flow was very weak and it needed to be dug out. Have you been there? What was it like?

  4. janice Says:

    bankupshins is incorrect! Rick really needs to get his facts correct. Both sides of the creek (and the springs) are PRIVATE PROPERTY! Crabtree was not aquired by “adverse possession” but legally purchased by the laws of our Great State. Anyone could have bought it, it just happened to be me.
    It is CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC for reasons I do not wish to discuss here.
    Anyone who enters is TRESPASSING, which is against the law! STAY OUT!
    I would not come to your home and invade it or send others to your home
    so please don’t do it to me. I am asking you to remove the picture and all
    information on Crabtree Hot Springs from your website.
    If you have any questions about the legallity of this property, contact the
    Forest Service or the Lake Co. Sheriff’s Department. They both know that I am the owner and it is private property as I have had to contact them on trespass issues in the past!
    Thank you, Janice

  5. shankarwolf Says:

    Janice, It seems I have stumbled into quite the little dispute. As I noted in my post, the hot spring’s flow seems to be very weak and there is no pool for soaking in, so I did not recommend it to others. However, I am interested in what your reasons are for attempting to close it to the public. This is the perfect forum for you to express why you are so adamant about not letting your fellow human beings enjoy this beautiful gift from God. You have a wonderful opportunity to show your generosity to humanity.

  6. Nature Ownership « Shankar Wolfananda Says:

    […] Why do we insist on ownership? What is it about humans that makes us crave ownership and right to always think first of “Me” and “Mine”. I would like to connect this post to a past post on I did on a hot spring hunt that ended up on “private property”. Since I wrote about this hot spring and the hunt for it the owner has commented on the blog and was quite belligerent. Here is the conversation. […]

  7. bangedupshins Says:

    My, my. Janice, I will not get embroiled into an argument with you on whether you own the hot springs or not. I merely state the consensus of the hot spring community over the situation and the vitriolic anger you show every time someone tries to discuss the issue.

  8. soakseeker Says:


    I need to speak my mind. All I can say is that before you “bought” the property, Crabtree was a nice hot spring that people respected and was kept clean. I enjoyed many visits there and met cool people every time who also respected a good natural soak. I showed up once after you bought the property and the place had turned into a total mess. Thanks for ruining it for everyone.

  9. FormerGuest Says:

    I spent my entire childhood growing up going to Crabtree. Then, one time we went there and there were foreboding private property signs. Once at the springs, the new “owners” gave us flak. Really they seemed to be wounded people, bearing lots of hurt and trauma. Nevertheless, they shouldn’t “own” the springs; in fact, they ruined the area, it’s one of the greatest tragedies I have ever personally witnessed. Things like genocide and terrible environmental degradation became immediately personal to me on that day. It’s hard to say where one becomes personally responsible for fucking up; are these new owners but victims of a traumatic life, or should they be held accountable for ruining what was literally a place of magic? I can’t really say. But I will permit myself to say this: They did ruin it (with “landscaping”, they chopped up the fucking hillside, caused massive erosion, litter, etc.)
    Because there had been “problems” in the past- e.g. 2 19 year old girls drinking vodka there nearly drowned- the park service was eager to “find a solution”.
    At one point there were many ‘owners’; they consolidated and sold to this woman Janice, and her man I guess.
    That’s how it goes. Perhaps you’ve also experienced a magic place in nature get destroyed. It makes me think about evil.

    • scott Says:

      Did Doug really sell out?

      The landscaping was so Jabba could get up the hill. The first year they lived right at the springs which was infinetly more disgusting.


  10. shankarwolf Says:

    It really is sad when we see such blatant examples of humans being selfish and ignorant and their actions send negative repercussions out into society. Human behavior can be viewed through an ecological lens and all action are part of an interwoven network of human systems. A few years ago I found a beautiful hot spring in the Long Valley Caldera on the east side of the Sierra near Mammoth. I went back to the same spot the next year only to discover that the BLM had bull dozed this gorgeous spring that some wonderful sole had put so much work into developing. It was a very sad discovery and one I still have a hard time comprehending.

  11. San Franciso Photographer, Amanda Says:

    I’m in the Mendo area a lot. I found your site googling ” crab tree hot springs ” after seeing a photo of it. Are there any others that you recommend ( I’ve done Vichy and will go to Harbin soon ) . I’m looking for other small ones like this. I’ll search your blog though. You may have more info here already. Thanks for the update on this spring. ~Amanda

    • shankarwolf Says:

      Hi Amanda, I’m not aware of any other undeveloped hot springs in the Mendocino County area. You might want to check out Orr Springs Hot Spring, it’s a nice place similar to Harbin. Wilbur hot springs is also a nice place. Both these will cost you some money, but they are very relaxing places and well worth it if you need some space to decompress from city life.

  12. San Franciso Photographer, Amanda Says:

    Thanks for the info. I’ll google Orr and Wilbur.

  13. Bill Olalla Says:

    I am deeply hurt to hear that Crabtree has been damaged. That beautiful, mysterious, healthy and spiritual spot has been enjoyed for thousands of years. I have visited there severa times over 30 years. We love the hot pools and cold creek, and the pungent lemony plants, the smelly boiling puddles, dancing lizards and sandy camping spots. It was always a great trip and we were just planning another visit. I only hope it can be repaired and restored to its non-developed state at some point in the future. How can we help?

    • anonymous Says:

      Passed by crabtree recently, and there was no sighting of the wicked witch, nor any of her nasty warning signs, just the trash dump she once occupied.

      Want to help? It is always easier for any property signs to disappear than it is for the wicked witch to conjure them up.

      Without property signs – who’s to say which is witch’s.

      Some kind folks dis a real good job rebuilding the rock wall for the lower pool. It was nice and hot – so is the creek. Thank you.

  14. Ricky Says:

    crabtree is open. The new legal owner decided not to live on the property this summer, and all “no trespassing” signs have magically disappeared. The springs have been rebuilt, and all is peaceful. Enjoy.

  15. TV MAN Says:

    Only an exceedingly ignorant person would want to “own” crabtree, and only a fool would purchase crabtree with the intention on turning a profit by selling to tickets to swim in the hot springs.

    The new legal owner is an ignorant fool, and deserves absolutely no respect for creating a huge toxic waste dump of trash on the property.

    The property is under county jurisdiction.
    Please send your complaints about the trash to:

    Sheriff Rodney K. Mitchell
    Lake County Sheriff’s Office
    1220 Martin Street
    Lakeport, CA 95453

    Thank you.

  16. scott Says:

    I used to be the ‘servant’ of one of the owners according to the 300 hundred pounder and her swastica tatooed love slave that still lurk above in a bus. White tarsh to the Nth degree but post are correct and if you claim you hiked through the river they can not do anything. If you bring the dog dragging love slave a 12pk of Steel Reserve he is more social.

    peace love and happiness

  17. Utah / CA Photographer, Amanda Says:

    ^ That description is really hilarious!

    • scott Says:

      Glad you liked it – won’t go into details but the Sherriff knows the rest of the DD story.

      Wanna buy a map? Every other hot spring in CA – Google S-11 geothermal. I have a guide available…


  18. scott Says:

    Sorry I didn’t read through all the posts first.

    If you want a responable person – the one fourth owner I was friends with – has moved to the Big Bend area – i don’t have his data but he is always at the local springs or Hunt in the morning and oops -he pops up in Round Mountian 530.337.6650 – He will clean the place up. His original goal upon purchase with the witch/love slave/sister was to keep it open to the public.

    As Janice has eluded to the public can can be a royal pain in the ass. The first weekend Doug and a friend of mine went to his new property there where beer guzzling drunks shitting – fortunatly – downstream chucking cig butts in the creek and camping 3 feet from the pool refusing to move on and not accepting it was private property – not a nice experience. The second trip yielded a couple of 16 year olds drunk and passed out in the lower pool which emits the same gasses that have claimed lives at ‘Big Soda’

    The trail to the place and the springs need to be deeded to the NF officially so the owners are not liable for the publics actions.

    Hi Doug-Claus has done alot of work here-plh

  19. JANICE Says:


    Regardless of what you may have read on website, the hot springs are CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC!

    The 160 acres with the hot springs are well posted, NO TRESPASSING!
    If the signs are gone it is because someone who trespassed removed them, as stated above.

    Rick Downy or someone who associates with him has obviously recently TRESPASSED as there are current pictures of the springs on his website.

    Is it he who VANDALIZED my fourty-one year old Vintage Bus, breaking the front windshield and stole my property signs featured on his website?



    • shankarwolf Says:

      Janice, when will you lighten up and just allow people to use the hotspring? As they have for many many years.

  20. Bandi Says:

    Please Janice, let everyone enjoy the hot springs. I promise to be good!

  21. gilby Says:

    well Janice,It looks like to me you got enough eveidence to put some pepole away for a while..I gusee the public don’t understand the word “NO TRESPASSING”…give them hell….

  22. Scott Says:

    Gilby – Is your image some sort of pseudo swastika? Like the one on the guy that demanded the 12 pack off steel reserve sported on his chest.

    Hike the river and tell the pond scum wastes of huge amounts of food to blow it out their shit in a bucket white trash asses to go to where they belong.

    Merry Christmas

  23. Scott Says:

    PS Learn some grammar and how to spell – guess that just hows how stupid you must be to side with that horrifically disgusting person.

  24. bluejay Says:

    Does anyone remember the family of turtles that once inhabited the springs? Species?
    Whenever sunning themselves on a hot rock, the turtles always stayed within a few inches of the water, and could hop quickly back into the pool in a split second, dive to the bottom, and swim away really fast if approached even slightly.
    But by being very quiet and sneaking up from behind, it was fun to catch and release them. The turtles are very docile when handled, but definitely don’t like the hotest of the water. Most peaceful of God’s creatures.
    Has anyone seen the family of turtles at the springs in recent years, or know if they are okay?

  25. gilby Says:

    WOW,Scott,I must have hit a nerve..hey,I might not spell good,but,in your case,ingorance of the law is no excuse,it’s very simple,lamebrain..
    “No Trespassing”priviat property..I know, if “you” had some land, you be the same way…

    happy new year

  26. Scott Says:

    I’ll assume Janice made turtle soup as she was too fricking lame to get up the hill to get to any food to feed her massive self or shit and piss anywhere else then a bucket – please ‘go around the rock’ she used to say so she could drop the kids off at the pool.

    I do remember the turtles and chasing them around under water with a snorkel and face mask – infinite fun.

    You don’t spell ‘well’ numb nuts and your use of commas is ‘lame brain’. The springs are below the high water mark thus are on a public water way in a National Forest. I don’t know what the fuck ‘priviat’ is – perhaps your ignorant ass could explain your new word. I was educated at the University of Michigan and have no knowledge of your new land classification.

    You didn’t hit a nerve but you do profoundly represent the relative IQ of Janice and the mad max crew that have claimed ownership of the public properties that are in the NP.

    I have defended Janice and Doug as seen above – I understand their dilemma and have offered solutions to no avail.

    The law is CLEAR about water ways and the springs are well below the high water mark so lets have a New Years party there – all are welcome – just say you hiked the river and if they complain or try extort alcohol out of you please file your complaint here:

    The property is under county jurisdiction.

    Sheriff Rodney K. Mitchell
    Lake County Sheriff’s Office
    1220 Martin Street
    Lakeport, CA 95453

    Thank you.

    gilby please come to my local hot springs so I can say Hi to your ignorant ass and you are welcome to visit my property in Wisconsin – hopefully you will win a Darwin award taking the canoe out for a trip.

    • Anonymous Says:

      It is truly revolting beyond measure to think of Janice “shitting in her nest”, LITERALLY, literally shitting in the hot springs. Unfortunately, although truly a misguided principle, there ARE certain times when for the good of all that is holy and sacred certain things should not be allowed to be. Janice’s defamation of this once incredibly sacred spot is an offense to, quite simply, God, and/or the spirit which inhabits beautiful wild places.
      Yes, there really, truly are sentient spirits inhabiting our most beautiful still-wild areas, and yes, Janice has banished them with her presence (or lack of mental presence) through the pain and suffering which crafted her family line.
      Incest, violence, and trauma somehow run rampant through the world of humans. As Dosteyevsky once said,
      “Life is paradise; and we are all in paradise, but we refuse to see it. If we would, we should have heaven on earth the very next day.”
      It is our heritage of violence and trauma that has led to such things as losing these springs. Why, and when, did such traumas enter the human bloodline? Is it but a macrocosm of bacteria eating bacteria? The cat torturing the mouse?
      I don’t think we will ever really know, but I will always hold love in my heart for crabtree, no matter what has become of it.
      Still, tragedies and personal losses will always echo in my heart and I will forever feel the aching split of melancholy when I remember being a naked child chasing after snakes and lizards.
      Even back then when biker gangs would drink for days at the springs they were easy to clean up and restore.
      We could restore them again to much of their former glory if we can wrest the land away from poor Janice.
      Let us pray that we regain them.

    • FormerGuest Says:

      It is truly revolting beyond measure to think of Janice “shitting in her nest”, LITERALLY, literally shitting in the hot springs. Unfortunately, although truly a misguided principle, there ARE certain times when for the good of all that is holy and sacred certain things should not be allowed to be. Janice’s defamation of this once incredibly sacred spot is an offense to, quite simply, God, and/or the spirit which inhabits beautiful wild places.
      Yes, there really, truly are sentient spirits inhabiting our most beautiful still-wild areas, and yes, Janice has banished them with her presence (or lack of mental presence) through the pain and suffering which crafted her family line.
      Incest, violence, and trauma somehow run rampant through the world of humans. As Dosteyevsky once said,
      “Life is paradise; and we are all in paradise, but we refuse to see it. If we would, we should have heaven on earth the very next day.”
      It is our heritage of violence and trauma that has led to such things as losing these springs. Why, and when, did such traumas enter the human bloodline? Is it but a macrocosm of bacteria eating bacteria? The cat torturing the mouse?
      I don’t think we will ever really know, but I will always hold love in my heart for crabtree, no matter what has become of it.
      Still, tragedies and personal losses will always echo in my heart and I will forever feel the aching split of melancholy when I remember being a naked child chasing after snakes and lizards.
      Even back then when biker gangs would drink for days at the springs they were easy to clean up and restore.
      We could restore them again to much of their former glory if we can wrest the land away from poor Janice.
      Let us pray that we regain them.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    no wonder your sooo dumb about Cal. laws,your a fuckin cheese head

  28. Scott Says:

    It is ‘so’ and CA laws are very detailed – you still need to learn how to use a comma. Perhaps you are the drunk thats likes to take his dog out for a drag on the freeway onramp – is that you? – or just Janice’s other half or should 1/8th

    ‘Your’ is not you’re you FUCKING MORON – I don’t own a cheese head.


    Please provide Janice with all the high caloric cheese/fat/pig/lard she can eat so hopefully the springs can revert to the once peaceful and happy place they were before she started shitting in the bucket and living down there. RIP soon please!

    I have no desire to deal with people that cannot compose a sentence so go FYS

  29. gilby Says:

    OMG you were Janice love slave? how funny.I really dont care for spelling,as long as I get the message across.oh,and thank you for the invite.Thats really sweet of you..

  30. Anonymous Says:

    “I have no desire to deal with people that cannot compose a sentence so go FYS”…back at ya.. “the one fourth owner I was friends with – has moved to the Big Bend area “…oh,just freinds..”I have defended Janice and Doug as seen above – I understand their dilemma and have offered solutions to no avail.”..and,”I used to be the ’servant’ of one of the owners “ about that…”The property is under county jurisdiction” shit..”Sheriff Rodney K. Mitchell”..familey member…”I was educated at the University of Michigan “…and your point being? ”
    Did Doug really sell out?…perhaps..and just think,this is really bugging you,the only thing you can do,is,go to anger management class didn’t you learn that at University of Michigan……let it go..there is nothing you can do..stay in Wisconsin …peace…

  31. frog Says:

    go scott go! take her to court!
    she may own land on either side of the river, but she does not own the river, and the hot springs are in the river – well below the high water mark – the public owns the river – and the turtles!

  32. frog Says:

    by the way scott,
    remember, in court, sometimes the government likes to condemn and confiscate private property without compensation to the owner – not a penny.
    and she could easily be billed to remove all her trash.
    so go for it! take her to court!

  33. frog Says:

    by the way again scott,
    all you really need to win in most california courts is a legal argument the “feels good” – like saving the turtles!
    one photo of her toxic waste dump of trash might easily convince a california jury that the turtles need to be saved!
    good luck!

  34. frog Says:

    by the way again and again scott,
    if the turtles at the hot springs are protected by state or federal laws it would be an extremely serious issue if their habitat was being threatened by her toxic waste dump of trash.
    maybe with your university of michigan education, knowledge of the law, and determination you could lead the effort to save the turtles.
    there’s your angle if you’re looking to get her thrown out – legally.
    rally around the turtles – its happened before.
    i’m here to help.
    good luck.

  35. frog Says:

    scott and all others,
    i agree with the previous post, simply moaning and groaning about the hot springs being closed is not likely to change anything, however, fighting to save the turtles from her toxic waste dump of trash just might result in her property being condemned as a public nuisance, seized by the government, and she not get a penny. now wouldn’t that be sweet. you could rip her legally.
    all you need is a very loud vocal public campaign, with lots of media attention, to save the turtles.
    is there a wildlife expert in the hot springs community willing to study the turtles, and prepare a written document for the court case?
    are there lawyers who care about the turtles and be willing to help with the court case.
    maybe there’s a news reporter willing to assist the turtles by writing stories to dramatize saving the turtles.
    go scott go! take her to court!
    remember the turtles!
    thank you.
    “it is time for action, not words.”

  36. Anonymous Says:

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  37. Anonymous Says:


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  38. racoon Says:

    do you have a recipe for snails?

  39. Scott Says:

    All right it is getting really sick. I can’t believe Janice and all her FAT are/is still alive – perhaps there is not a God! SCUM SCUM SCUM SHIT IN A BUCKET WASTE OF FOOD!!!! Please die and make the planet a better place Janice once you are underground.

  40. inchworm Says:

    dear anonymous,
    you got a recipe for disaster?
    there’s some headcheese and leftover salmon around – what would you do?

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  42. inchworm Says:

    dear anonymous,
    p.s. the leftover salmon is okay, but the headcheese is going bad fast – need help asap!
    thanks for all you do.

  43. HOMEMADE head cheese Says:

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  44. Ronald McDonald Says:

    “I’m lovin’ it.”

  45. inchworm Says:

    oops! my mistake. i meant cheese head, not headcheese. please forgive my typo.

  46. Moms Head Cheese Recipe Says:

    Cook until Done. Save Juice cut meats into small pieces and add to juice. Add vinegar salt and pepper. Cook again untill well done. Drain and press down and seal tight in kettle.

    Ive had head cheese before and i have to admit that the first time i ever tried it was a real interesting experience..Dad had brought some home from a local meat market and it (in my opinion) wasnt the highest of quality. I was offered a head cheese sandwich and lets just say i voiced my disaproval. My parents grew up on it. You still see it around here in the local meat markets but its slowly disapearing

  47. godfather Says:

    scott, my son,
    either take up a collection and buy her out
    make her an offer she cannot refuse.

  48. Dr. Jekyll, not Mr. Hyde Says:

    make an appointment with my nurse.

  49. Anonymous Says:

    yeah,scott,put up,or shut up…

  50. Janice Says:

    My Darling Scott,

    When you and I are far apart,
    I no longer live,
    My heart is bursting from within,
    with all my love to give.

    forever your sweetheart

  51. Janice Says:

    My Dearest Darling Scott,

    I love you, and I know you love me too, but I love you even more than Michael Jackson loved children.

    You are the sugar muffin of my dreams, you’re like a T-Bone steak with plenty of meat on the bone, or a fast car that drives me wild and crazy.

    I love you, I love you, I love you.

    Janice – Legan Owner of you heart.

  52. Janice Says:

    My Beloved, Dearest, Darling Scott,

    Have I told you lately that I love you – your name is like music to my ears – like my favorite song that I listen to over and over and over…

    I love you more than elvis and jesus. You are the king and savior of my heart and soul.

    “Did I ever tell you you’re my hero, you’re everything I wish I could be,
    and I could run faster than a Beagle, if you were the feet beneath my knees.”

    Janice – Legal Owner of Scott

  53. gilby Says:

    awwww…that is so sweet,true love at its fineness,Scott I’m surprize you gave all that up,or did you?

  54. Scott Says:

    I salute you. I am your friend, and my love for you goes deep.
    There is nothing I can give you which you have not. But there is much,
    very much, that, while I cannot give it, you can take. No heaven can
    come to us unless our hearts find rest in it today. Take heaven!
    No peace lies in the future which is not hidden in this present little instant.
    Take peace! The gloom of the world is but a shadow. Behind it, yet within
    our reach, is joy. There is radiance and glory in darkness, could we but see.
    And to see, we have only to look. I beseech you to look!!

    Life is so generous a giver. But we, judging its gifts by their covering,
    cast them away as ugly or heavy or hard. Remove the covering, and you
    will find beneath it a living splendor, woven of love by wisdom, with power.
    Welcome it, grasp it, and you touch the angel’s hand that brings it to you.
    Everything we call a trial, a sorrow or a duty, believe me, that angel’s hand is

    The gift is there and the wonder of an overshadowing presence. Your joys, too, be not content with them as joys. They, too, conceal diviner gifts.
    Life is so full of meaning and purpose, so full of beauty beneath its covering,
    that you will find earth but cloaks your heaven. Courage then to claim it; that is all!

    But courage you have, and the knowledge that we are pilgrims together,
    wending through unknown country home.
    And so, at this time, I greet you, not quite as the world sends greetings,
    but with profound esteem and with the prayer that for you, now and
    forever, the day breaks and shadows flee away.

  55. mr.buster2u Says:

    YEEAA,I’m glad to see everybody happy,and thats the way it is..more love, less hate..and everybody is happy and gay.I love a happy ending.

  56. albert Says:

    That’s nice, but there’s a 885 foot asteroid, named Apophis, headed straight for the hot springs, and is expected to smash into the earth at crabtree hot springs in the year 2029 unless in can be deflected away, or otherwise, it will spoil everyone’s vacation plans.

    Please help save the universe.

  57. that's all folks! Says:

    Read ’em and weep.

    California Law

    the beds of NAVIGABLE waterways belong to the state.

    the beds of NON-NAVIGABLE waterways belong to the adjacent upland owners.

    Water Boundary Location – California State Lands Commission
    by Roy Minnick, PLS – Caltrans unit 14 web page

  58. DZ Says:

    Does anyone know which authorities are best to contact on this issue to get my own definitive proof that I can go to the hot spring? On this issue of private property/national forest issue: the problem will be solved someday when ownership changes, the springs will be a hassle free place eventually. No one reins forever. Better reason to make every day count. It sounds like whoever owns the area around the crabtree hot spring is probably older (or at least of middle age) and I have a lot of time ahead of myself to wait for all to become peaceful in this part of the world if I must. I’m going to read all of the reviews again just incase I missed anything. Thanks for reading.

  59. DZ Says:

    I just used this contact 15 minutes ago:

    Upper Lake Ranger District
    District Ranger – Lee Johnson
    10025 Elk Mountain Road
    Upper Lake, California 95485
    (707) 275-2361

    I talked to a ranger (woman) who told me Crabtree Hot Spring was located on private property (even including the river). That was disappointing, but there are other remote hot springs.
    As for the person/people who own the hot spring: it will only be theirs in their lifetime, especially if what others on this forum are saying about the owners health issues are true. You can’t stay up in such an isolated spot when you get into your older age. People really slow down in their 60’s/70’s and they almost always develop some medical problems. I’ll keep an eye on this place years down the line when things open up.
    I hope that the area stays garbage free!

  60. LocalPropertyOwnerMC Says:

    I live in the area and have found the loving public thinks it ok to leave trash and human waste everywhere when they leave or visit. Some think if they bag their garbage and leave it alongside the road that the garbage service will pick it up. This is a remote area, there is no garbage company to pick up after others. This leaves the property owner responsible for keeping their property clean. I haul truck loads of garbage out every year at my expense. Unfortunally it is usually only a few that ruin it for the many but still it means additional work and expense for me. The solution is to post my property just as Janice has done. I’m not happy about losing the Hot Springs but I understand why.

  61. Jericho Says:

    So, I was soaking at Agua Caliente, in Southern CA, and a wonderful soul told me about Crabtree…
    Wow, a little search for Crabtree hot springs on the net and POW!~ I feel sick to my stomach, so much drama…
    I moved from Mendo because of the local hill billy mind set. It is pure magic in the Redwoods, but for some reason, the people are weird. Mean too. All my favorite swimming holes are trashed by the locals and the poor people who own the property are pushed over the edge.
    Southern CA has some amazing hot springs and the community takes care of them. Deep Creek and Remington are two of the best.
    Maybe a little more sunshine would do y’all some good:) just sayin….

  62. T Shirt Michael Says:

    Holy Porkface!!! Can’t we-all just get along(credit to Rodeney King)

  63. clearlake oaks res. Says:

    you fat ass hole janice you cant own the world go smoke another joint and fuck off

  64. Kari Says:

    Janice is such a cunt. She mind rapes me while I’m sleeping. She haunts my dreams hauling a frothing bucket of shit. Janice must be stopped. Bring your potatoes.

  65. Native Descendant Says:

    I am heir to a piece of land (160 acres) in Mendocino National Forest that my great-grandfather homesteaded in 1898. I too have people trespassing, poaching, and stealing from that land. I enjoy showing the place to the people that respect it, but have had to put up signs and gate because of a few that have no respect for other people’s property. You can make up stories about what I carry in a bucket also, but fact of the matter is by trespassing you’ve only made things worse and made the landowner harsh (for a better word). Oh yes, though I never knew my Great grandfather, My grandmother told me if he would have caught someone poaching or stealing from his land, he would have shot them dead!

  66. SoakersForum Says:

    Sunday – Jan 2, 2011
    By the way, on the same trip we also visited Crabtree H.S. (which a Mendencino Forest Ranger indicated should be OK though I realize there’s some dispute with regards to access/ownership) and the flow there had improved as well. cheers….Tim

    Thanks for the info Tim. I’ll have to put Clear Lake on the list and maybe even a side trip to Crabtree once the weather improves. Haven’t been to Crabtree since the late ’90s.
    by Hempies

  67. AdventureRider Says:

    May 11, 2011
    Quote: Originally Posted by Cpt. Ron
    Anybody ride past Crabtree Hot Springs down 17N04 (Twin Valley Road)?

    reply by boney
    Insert smart ass comment here.

    NOTE: During August 2010, the private property owner at Crabtree Hot Springs blocked the public roadway(Twin Valley Road – Forest Road 17N04) to all traffic, but the blockage has reportedly been cleared, and the road is now more permanently open to everyone.

    p.s. The entire length of Twin Valley Road is a very scenic and historic drive for anyone on a picnic.

  68. Miss Manners Says:

    For anyone contemplating a trip to Crabtree Hot Springs, please be advised that the category V hurricane force winds blowing across the internet about the hot springs being “closed” are mostly imaginary, as 99% of the time there is no one “sitting” on the springs, and there are no elaborate “high tech” alarm & warning systems or cameras to detect perpetrators, and all illegally placed signs outside the boundaries, on National Forest land, are gone.

    So the actual risk factor of encountering “bad vibes” is about 1%, while the “A-Team” is having some fun.

    But, “A-Team” members, always remember the 1% risk factor, and don’t get caught by any “bad vibes” when entering into the “twilight zone” at Crabtree Hot Springs.

    Please take photos of the hot springs to share, and good luck to the “A-Team.” Thanks.

  69. Reality TV series on the web Says:

    MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: Assignment Crabtree

    While remaining undetected, when there’s nobody around, secretly sneak out to the hot springs, have a fun time swimming & soaking, take plenty of anonymous photos(no faces but lots of moon shots), return to civilization and start a web page about the trip.

  70. General Mickey Mouse Says:

    ATTENTION: All Mice


    All the BIG CAT’S friends have moved on, and the government cats don’t go there, as the BIG CAT claims to be guarding the cheese 24/7, but recent reports, from the field, indicate that the BIG CAT is rarely on the job anymore, and that the cheese is available to all the mice about 99% of the time.

    Just remember, the BIG CAT still pays the rent, so be in & out before the BIG CAT comes back.

  71. Janice Says:

    is here with stolen copyrighted photos from that other guy, plus a link to his web page.
    Thank you very much.

  72. say again Says:

    So, the same crowd at that was illegally blocking the EMERGENCY fire exit road, for a period of time, during August 2010, is now stealing copyrighted photos from that other guy, and still pretending they don’t tell lies.
    What a joke.

  73. sweet home alabama Says:

    Now the crew at is stealing copyrighted photos from google!
    What’s up with that.
    To back up their claim, you would think that they could at least take their own photos!
    That other guy, that they complain about on their web page, must feel honored to have his work so well liked and appreciated.

  74. etc. Says:

    Now that the squatters at crabtree hot springs have their own web page, they simply must post photos showcasing their roadside trash dump for Better Homes & Gardens.

    It’s really amazing just how much junk & trash the squatters have managed to accumulate so deep within Mendocino National Forest.

    And, as it is definitely a tourist attraction, the squatters need to take pride in their trash dump by posting photos for all to see.

    The “8th Wonder of the World” of trash at the squatters camp, by the side of the road, just above the hot springs, must really be seen to be fully appreciated.

  75. Rev. Billy Says:

    Can anyone imagine, “What Would Jesus Do” if He were to see the squatters gigantic pile of trash by the roadway at crabtree hot springs.

    Was it vandalism for Jesus to “smash the trash” of the merchants in the temple?

    By the way, 99% of the time, the squatters don’t guard the trash from smashing by Jesus.


  76. intensely curious onlooker Says:

    On Monday, July 18, 2011, I stopped by the USFS Ranger Station, in Upper Lake, to ask about the condition of the road through Crabtree Hot Springs. From speaking briefly with a Ranger, I learned that Janice is currently in the hospital suffering from a very serious medical condition that’s causing her body to swell. She’s getting bigger and sicker all the time, with no word of any improvement, and consequently, she’s been unable to travel out to check on the hot springs herself all year.

    The Ranger also related that there’s been no caretaker at the springs all year, as her boyfriend finally got tired of it all, and moved on with his life. All of her other squatting friends are long gone as well.

    So, after listening to the Ranger, I decided to drive out to Crabtree Hot Springs, and take a look for myself. Parts of the road need work. It’s all still drivable, but very very slow going.

    There are two signs on the trail near the springs, one saying, “Private Property No Trespassing” and another sign, high up in a tree, stating that the hot springs are closed temporarily and thank you for not trespassing. Due to infrequent use, the trail is somewhat overgrown in places, but still easy to follow.

    At the springs, the river water level was still fairly high for the middle of July, but not too cold, and someone had put a few sandbags around the lower pool. There’s also an old refrigerator and some other squatters junk actually at the hot springs, as a constant reminder of their visit.

    All in all, it seems as if the squatters wild & crazy party is maybe finally about over, although up the hill from the springs, their junk and trash remains. It’s all locked up, but is starting to look abandoned, as a tree has fallen on part of it. Meanwhile, the hot springs are still “officially” closed.

    I met three nice people swimming at the springs, who had rode in on their motorcycles.


  77. AliceMoon Says:

    Hey everyone,
    There’s some ALL new information about the hot springs at:
    + photos & gossip
    Get well soon.

  78. chili Says:


    […]Hot Spring Junkies « Shankar Wolfananda[…]…

  79. Cottage cheese recipes Says:

    Cottage cheese recipes…

    […]Hot Spring Junkies « Shankar Wolfananda[…]…

  80. Bulldog Says:

    GOOD NEWS! The squatters are gone!
    Crabtree Hot Springs is FREE once more.
    Thank you.

  81. CHUCK MANSON Says:


  82. Irina Says:

    Is the springs really open again?

  83. Janice Says:

    YES – the springs is really OPEN again.






    • ricefork Says:


      • ricefork Says:

        Dear Janice,

        With you still in & out of the hospital, for the past 3 years it’s been almost just like old times out at the hot springs. And from what my Forest Ranger buddies keep telling me whenever I stop by their USFS District Office in Upper Lake, your next resting place will soon be the cemetery. Maybe you could have your ashes scattered on Rice Fork Eel River.

        Thanks to Mother Nature, the hillside above came down and buried your trailer & bus in dirt & trees. Oh well.

        Thanks again for paying the property taxes on all your junk & trash at Crabtree, as the county needs the money.

        Best Wishes

        p.s. Believe it or not! According to U.S. Federal law, nature photos are the property of the photographer, even if the nature photos were taken while trespassing.

        Trespassing is illegal, nature photos are not. Have a good day. We’ll be back!

  85. hot tub servicing Says:

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  86. Ei Says:

    Hi Janice,
    I wish you the best of all with your property…Crabtree Hot Springs +.
    I’m sorry for your loss of Morgan and pray that you and the Landrum clan are well.
    I do hope you will contact me as it has been a long time and I haven’t been able to reach you. You can get my info from your Uncle Don. Happy Holidays & God bless you and yours.


  87. Janice - Owner of Crabtree Hot Springs Says:

    You can reach me at – New information for everyone.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Can’t reach you. The email address is invalid, bounced back. And your property is within a National Monument, next to a Natural Research Area. See below. It is unlikely you will be permitted to run any kind of business there, or develop the site in any way. Best to try to sell it back to the government, from whence it came, or give it back to the Native American tribe it was stolen from in the first place. Welcome to Spotted Owl territory. Good luck.

  88. Anonymous Says:

    Fascinating discussion here. First I heard of these springs was when some friends made the journey there a few decades ago. No signage, no apparent owner, etc. Now the property is surrounded by the greater Berryessa-Snow Mountain National Monument. Just to the southeast, seemingly right up against the property boundary, is the Hale Ridge Natural Research Area. The following website directs visitors to the Area via FS route 17N04, right through the property:

    The address is 18367 Twin Valley Road, and public records can be searched regarding this property. It was sold in 2002 for $60,000, then transferred in 2007 for $2,500. The county thinks it is worth a little under $100k, and charges about a thousand per year in property tax. There are other public records that can be had for a $20 fee on one website, and the owner’s name, email, phone number and address are publicly available on the internet, which is true for most people on the planet.

    It is zoned for agricultural use, not as a resort. The springs are on the lower left corner of the property, and only 10 GPM at 106 degrees F, so there is little, if any commercial development possibility at this site. There are no power lines anywhere nearby, and even if there were a power source, pumping mildly hot water up to a spa facility located at the end of a difficult dirt-road drive would probably not be economically feasible. Any development (pipes, pumps, etc) within the high water mark of a stream located in Spotted Owl territory, would require much legal work, fees, applications, etc, and would likely not be successful due to the location within a National Monument. I doubt a re-zone is possible.

    Most of the property is a steep hillside, and the springs are on the bottom southwest corner. The majority of the property is devoid of trees, so harvesting what’s left is probably not economically viable, and would probably not be permitted anyway, due to being located within a National Monument. The agricultural zoning is likely useless.

    It is delusional to think that anyone can make any money off these springs. If one were to live there full time, that person would have to maintain large stocks of fuel and food, and figure out how to deal with sanitation issues without polluting the waterways. Can one dig a well there? Where would a person locate a septic drain field? The property is a steep hillside, so much money would be spent keeping it from sliding down on top of any dwellings that might be built. Apparently this is already happening to the campsite directly above the stream and springs. If this erosion threatens to damage the waterway, relevant government agencies will intervene, sooner or later. Fish and Wildlife services always have jurisdiction over waterways, no matter who owns the property. Many years ago my cousin was busted for fishing without a license, even though he was well within his family’s large privately owned ranch.

    I recently tried sending an email regarding National Monument status, etc. to the address listed on the Crabtree Hot Springs website. It bounced back, so nobody is maintaining the email account for this site.

    Crabtree Hot Springs is just another economically worthless hot tub in the middle of nowhere. Here in Idaho we have a few of those. Most are on public land, and there are a few that are on private property but the owner probably doesn’t care, or is long dead. My suggestion would be to offer it for sale to the USFS or whatever agency has jurisdiction over the National Monument. The current owner might be lucky to get what she paid for it. The owner might be charged for cleanup costs, however. It isn’t a mine, so the government will probably bill for the mess that can be seen on the aerial photos on the web. Then the USFS could erase it from the map and it would revert to being just another little-known hot tub in the middle of nowhere, to be enjoyed by fish, frogs, turtles, and hippies.

  89. Mikaelaa Crist Says:

    I’ve been looking all over for the current status of the hot springs as most information seems to be pretty outdated. We are going backpacking over the 4-day weekend coming up to escape the black friday madness. I heard about these hot springs from a friend a long time ago and hopped online to find the exact location to find Janice and her threats. I also thought one cannot claim a National Monument nor artificially impede a body of water, which from comments above it sounds like trash/sandbags etc have been doing?

    It’s sad someone wants to claim this as their own and ruin it for everyone else. I lived in Tehama County for a little time and someone was trying to do this to Mill Creek that we’d always swim in.

    If anyone has any current information my group of 4 environmentally conscious, respectful, responsible professionals would love to see the hot springs but we aren’t the type to go looking for trouble either.

  90. Anonymous Says:

    Mikaelaa Crist-

    How was it? I live about 5 hours away and would liek to visit as well, but i also do not liek confrontation/trouble, but do love natural hot springs as i believe most would. Any information on the current situation would be great. Is the Fat Neo Nazi Janice Land owner lady still alive or did she bite the dust?

  91. Gino Odoherty Says:

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