Bio-Diesel Or Astro Man?

space travel on biofuel

Been meaning to write a little bit on this stuff. My friend just showed me this article about the only bio-diesel station in Atlanta. This guy, Rob Del Bueno, used to play bass in a sci-fi surf rock band called Man or Astro Man? I saw them play at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco in 1999. Cool surf band who claimed to be from outer space.

Another friend just told me about his friend who is driving 12,000 miles all over the country in a bio-diesel/veggie oil truck, check out his blog.

I don’t believe the bio-diesel movement is a long term solution to our dependency on oil as a means of transportation but I am happy to see its popularity growing. Whatever methods we can find to reduce our impact on this planet will only help in the long run.

PS: I especially like these lines in the above mentioned article referring to Del Bueno’s house:

One of the few hints of a rock ‘n’ roll past is a Devo action figure. The New Wave band archly theorized that humans, particularly Americans, were devolving into a moronic, sheeplike state of apathy.


One Response to “Bio-Diesel Or Astro Man?”

  1. baaaodiesel Says:

    We’ve got an good plan here in Scotland! After our recent ‘foot and mouth’ scare we are now going to use some of the lambs which can’t be exported for meat… for biodiesel! That’ll wipe the smug looks off their fluffy faces!

    Perhaps we in Scotland are rejecting the quote you suggested, and that we are not ‘devolving into a moronic, sheeplike state of apathy.’ Indeed no – we take that fluffy apathy and turn it into fuel!

    I’m wondering if your good old president might make a mighty fine blend of fuel himself – perhaps worth contemplating?

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