President Ahmadinejad (Complex Figure)

In this post I would like to discuss the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. This man seems to be in the news quite a bit, especially last week when he was in New York and he spoke at Columbia and the UN. I listened to his speech at Columbia and also watched some interviews on You Tube. I have begun to realize that there is much more to this man than the insane bloodthirsty dictator the media makes him out to be. Based on his speeches, he seems to be a very intelligent man who understands global affairs very well. He questions the current power structures in the world, which scares the hell out of the US and Israel.

As I was reading over his 2005 address to the UN General Assembly this morning before work, some similarities to my last post, regarding dharma and the constitution, jumped out at me. In this speech the President states,

“We believe that a sustainable order, nurturing and flourishing peace and tranquility, can only be realized on the two pillars of justice and spirituality.”

In his response to the last post, discussing justice and spirituality, David Sanga-Lastri states, “Clearly the commonwealth requires both. In a traditional society the two could have been one. But we don’t live in a traditional society. So confronting dharma with the Constitution in the present context is absurd.”

In his address to the UN President Ahnadinejad discusses exactly this.

Even though all politicians are “lying cocksuckers” I believe this one speaks a few truthful words. I am very interested in others thoughts of this man and Iran in general and I look forward to seeing how this man’s legacy plays out in the Grand Arena.


3 Responses to “President Ahmadinejad (Complex Figure)”

  1. kaivalya Says:

    Given the historical power struggle between Iranian leaders, foreign influence and the Iranian popular majority. I am skeptical that President Ahmadinejad fairly represents his own people.

    I would be curious to see an Irianian poll on their Presidential approval ratings. Afterall, Prez Bush goes around the world speaking on behalf of the American people while most of them don’t seem like him much these days. Could this be a similar scenerio with the Iranian people and their leadership?

  2. shankarwolf Says:

    Kaivalya, I believe you may be right. I have heard that the way he addresses foreign media is quite different from the way he talks to domestic media. However, I find his words to be much more intelligent and eloquent than Mr. Bush’s.

  3. Collapse of The Empire « Shankar Wolfananda Says:

    […] wrote this post about his address to the UN last year. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Iran’s […]

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