My Cat

My Cat

Thought I would introduce my cat, Lila. She is doing some acrobatics going after a fly.


6 Responses to “My Cat”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    She is a mighty fine shadow cat creating a grand world through play

  2. Megan Says:


    Isabel and I went over to feed your cat yesterday. In spite of Isabel’s earnest attempts to get her to come out and play (Kitty! Kitty! KITTEEEEE!), she continued to cower and slink about under the bed.

  3. shankarwolf Says:

    she just needs some coaxing, and time, she is still a little nervous around those she doesn’t know that well.

  4. screw1 Says:

    Aunt Marilyn says:

    It’s a little difficult to see Lila. Would you like to have me post my two fur babies on your site. How would I do it?

    You seem to be the only one of Martin’s kids who has followed in his religious footprints. Am I correct? I would love to hear more about Indian culture. did you travel throughout the poverty stricen areas as well as others?

    Are you a practicing SW now. I was so for 20 years. What kind of work are you doing?

  5. screw1 Says:

    Who the hell is Screw1? Certainly not me. what’s that all about?

    Aunt Marilyn

  6. shankarwolf Says:

    Hi Aunt Marilyn, I don’t think you can post pics here but you can e-mail them to me. My e-mail is
    I would love to see them

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