Burma in the Spotlight

Widespread protests lead by Buddhist monks in Rangoon were reported today. Burma is a country that has been ruled by an oppressive military regime for some time and I believe it is high time for a change in the power structure. But how do we support this kind of action. The Washington Post has a good article stating the US should put heavy pressure on the Chinese to keep the Burmese government from reacting with violence. However, would this country have been “liberated” from the dictatorship if it had as much oil under its soil as Iraq does? I pose this question to show the hypocrisy of the United States foreign policy. I would like to see India throw some weight in on this event.

From what I could tell during my travels, Burma is a rather mysterious place, meaning we don’t really know what is going on there. Tourists are allowed in but they are very restricted in their movement and huge areas of the country are off limits. The travelers I talked to who did go there said the people are incredibly friendly and happy to see foreigners.


2 Responses to “Burma in the Spotlight”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    As I sit reading your blog this morning and having a boiled egg, the radio reports another demonstration in Burma… there is much talk of ‘bloodshed’ and when and where and how much the bloodshed will come.

    I can’t understand this, apparently already communication systems such as e-mail are being cut in Burma, the curtains are being drawn. Which makes it easier for me to get on with my egg… but if I allow myself to imagine what goes on behind them I feel sick and helpless

  2. Thibault Says:

    Great stuff man, I like the bit about Iran’s prez and agree. Give a call buddy, peace.

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