Living on Stolen Land

Today I went down to the park to check out an Alternative Healing gathering put on by KMEC. Some Native people were there singing songs and speaking. One man native man from Lake County, Clayton Duncan, spoke about his movement to change the name of Kelseyville, a small town in lake county. Apparently Kelseyville is named after a man who raped and killed native people in the mid 1800s. This seems a pretty good reason to change the name of this town.

Here is an artcle with more about it.

But then again, Andrew Jackson is on the 20$ bill and he ordered the mass killing of hundereds of thousands of Native poeple. This is all part of the dillema we face as “Americans” living in a society founded on mass murder which praises those who orchastrated these events.

Andrew Jackson #1 Indian Killer of all time.” />


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