Adi Shankara

When I was traveling in India I first learned of this great spiritual powerhouse. Adi Shankara single-handedly revived Vedanta (Hinduism) in India after Buddhism had taken hold of most of the sub-continent. In his short life of just 32 years he traveled all over India engaging in philosophical debates. He extolled the supremacy of the Upanishads and “non-dualist” thought and was able to recognize and distinguish the importance of the 13 most read Upanishads.Adi Shankara (9th C. Indian Mystic)


2 Responses to “Adi Shankara”

  1. David Samga-Lastri Says:

    I feel drawn to this blog. I also am interested in the religion of India, and have been for a very long time. Contemporary political and social issues mean little to me, because, if Shankara is correct, they are completely unreal and undeserving of serious attention. I wonder what Wolfananda thinks about that.
    Hoping for an answer, or comments from other visitors to this blog, David

  2. AM I A HINDU? Best Seller Says:

    Adi Sanaka, saved Hinduism from the onslaught of Brahmanism, Buddhism and Jainism.

    On one side, he preached Advaida [One alone ] and still he wrote the most beautiful prayers to God.

    He made Hinduism what it is today. My hats are off to him and his great accomplishments.

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