New Blog

I have just decided to start a blog on a whim. I would like to focus on local issues in Mendocino and Humboldt Counties, world affairs, the Indian Subcontinent, Spiritual Growth, World Travel and Adventure and what ever else comes to mind.

I currently live in Ukiah California. I am 27 years old and employed as a social worker.

I would like this blog to act as a forum for people with similar and conflicting world views to debate, share, and commune.

This is an artcle I came accross today that I thought interesting. India wants to develop thier tourism in the Kashmir region and Pakistan has major issues with this. I travled in Kashmir in the Spring of ’05 and found it to be incredibly beautiful but also incredibly sad. I don’t think there is anywhere else on Earth where humanity has done a better job of turning a heaven into a hell.

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